Valerian & The City of a Thousand Stars: Film Review.

I’ve been seeing mixed reviews about this, since it’s been released. I am a big fan of the comic book series titled Valerian and Laureline. So knowing this background I would of ended up watching it anyway. I watched it anyway in 3D, as it’s meant to be the 3D film of the year. I was also intrigued by the trailer, for it’s visual effects. It’s also the largest crowd funded independent movie made. I will not post any spoilers.

Positive points to this film, in my opinion there wasn’t many. It was colourful, and very visually stunning. Of course the crew did an amazing job pulling this film off. I’m a big fan of Dane Dehaan’s acting work. Though I feel like this wasn’t his best film he’s done, I feel like he outshone Cara Delevigne. Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty, and a great model. Though I don’t think she can act at all. Her wardrobe in the film was beautiful though. I want some of the pieces for myself.

Overall I was quite disappointed with this movie. It was pretty substance lacking, with a basic, predictable storyline. There wasn’t a huge amount of action, in the film but maybe one or two epic scenes.  The romantic feel to the story, felt forced, and wasn’t aided by Dane and Cara. I didn’t feel like they had any chemistry together. I got bored part of the way through the film, which shouldn’t happen.

This was my experience watching the film. I do know people that have really enjoyed this film. If you go see it, let me know your opinions on this film. I do recommend reading the comic book though.



Store Event : Ollie Quinn

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a blogger event for Ollie Quinn. A company which is offering a stylish take on eyewear and sunglasses. Although the store has only been open for about 4 months, I feel like it’s a store that’ll stay. It’s business model is a unique one. Every frame, from eyewear to sunglasses, including prescription lenses are £98.00. Not to mention they offer eye tests, for only £20.00 too. The products are a great quality, and I got to try some on. No doubt I’ll be back to buy sunglasses from here.

There was drinks and snacks supplied. Prosecco and alcohol, but there was also a really nice fruit juice made. This juice I enjoyed, as I can’t drink alcohol. Range of snacks, from popcorn to grapes, cheese and crackers. All of which was delicious, though didn’t eat much, as I had dinner with a friend just before this event at Nandos.

The decor was so stylish and chic. From the hanging mirrors, beautiful blue turquoise brick detailed walls, the interesting upside down hanging living plants. It’s just a stunning place to be in. I also enjoyed their logo. It’s a very creative, way of utilizing the O and Q from the store name. Even their advertisements are modern, and belong in a fashion magazine.

If there is a boutique near you, I recommend popping in, and seeing the quality chic products yourself. If there’s not a boutique store near you, you can see their full range and learn more about the store via their website: . You can also join them on twitter at: @oqstories. Instagram: Facebook:



Mental Health Stigma.

Hearing such tragic news yesterday about Chester Bennington (Rest in Peace). I felt like I should write something in light of it. Just in case it helps any individual out there, experiencing this. I myself, have always been extremely open about my experience. This includes getting into a rather deep conversation about my forearm tattoo, and the significance of my semi colon that is a part of it. The semicolon project, is used to show, when someone chose to carry on their life, when they could of ended it. I won’t get into my decision here.

However I have noticed through this journey, that a lot of people are still a bit scared about opening up about their own experience. This seems to happen mainly between men. It seems like men think it’s a sign of weakness to open up about mental health. I however see it as a sign of strength. It takes so much strength and bravery to talk about personal struggles, and I for one welcome it.

Short post I know, but I feel like it’s something important to write and open up about. I for one am always available to talk to, via social media. I hope this has inspired people to build the strength to share and help others in the mental health community.


Leather; A Popular Choice in the Fashion Industry.

As new collections come to light, for the new seasons, I’m noticing a lot of leather items. Which of course prompts this post. I thought I’d try something new and expanding my content. I thought it’d be fun to explore why  leather is such the popular choice within the industry, from clothes to accessories including bags.

Before we explore the present use of leather, I feel like the best place to start is with it’s history. Leather is crafted from animal skin, and is chosen for it’s many positive qualities. Durability and quality is the main focus on why leather is so popular. It also offers a timeless finish and style. No matter what form it’s made into, It’ll always be flattering. So it clearly is easy to see why it’s a popular choice.

In the accessory world, leather remains a great choice in material. It’s durable base makes it a strong fabric to work with. Allowing for many uses throughout the years before it wears. This type of resilience is a popular choice, for why leather is chosen for bags and shoes. Leather is also naturally water resistant, though not fully waterproof.

I feel like leather should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. It offers an effortlessly chic style to someone’s fashion sense. I myself have a leather jacket, several pairs of leather biker chic boots, and a casual handbag. All of which still looks pretty brand new after a having them for at least a year. It’s certainly a recommendation from myself. In my opinion, I can see why it’ a popular choice in the fashion industry.

For more infomation; .


We found out what we’re having!! 🤰🏼💙

As I’m now 6 months pregnant. And the second trimester is currently kicking my ass more then the first one. I was a lucky one that managed to get no morning sickness through the first trimester. However now my back is killing me, and I’m having trouble sleeping. Although my cravings are easy to fulfil, orange juice (which has to be smooth) and Yorkshire puddings. 

I’m taking this bed day, to share about our excitement. During our 20 week scan, my partner and I found out whether we were having a boy or a girl. 

We opted for a more American tradition by throwing a gender reveal gathering. This was also to announce once, instead of repeating ourselves to various family and friends. As the weather was super hot, we threw a barbecue and had a gender reveal cake made by friends Mum. The cake was delicious and didn’t last long. 

We found out that we are having a boy.  Which I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed at first. However to think of it as my boys bring a smile to my face. I’m also excited with the future prospect of raising someone’s future partner/husband. Who knows what the future will hold. 


Baby Driver: Film Review 📽

I got intrigued by Baby Driver, when I first saw the movie trailer. I must say I was excited with this release date approaching. Where I work had an early showing of Baby Driver, that I really wanted to see. You can imagine how disappointed I was, to find out I was working on that evening. But I must say the wait was worth it, even though avoiding spoilers was a bit of a task and a half.

Every member of the cast and crew did an amazing job on this film. Ansel Elgort was phenomenal. I absolutely loved Jon Hamm in this film. It’s the whole criminal badass look, that really gets to me. So much so, I currently have a cardboard standee of Jon Hamm in the back of my car. I was a little disappointed with Kevin Spacey though, not going to lie. I thought he could of done more as a criminal boss, maybe be a bit more ruthless. The car chases and getaway drives are perfectly timed with an amazingly fitting soundtrack.

Overall, I was really pleased with this film. I will happily watch this film many many more times. It’d definitely a good summer movie. I will recommend watching Baby Driver to all readers! Share with me your opinions via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo.


Adventures in Lincoln.

Bank holiday weekend I spent a few days up in Lincoln with my partner. We used this time as a couples holiday, before we get too distracted by baby talk, planning and spending all our money on our pending arrival. I also just wanted to get a few days outside of Bristol, and relax. We stayed in Ibis Lincoln. Which on paper has 2 stars, saying that it wasn’t that bad of a hotel. The room we stayed in, was simple, chic and sophisticated. Even the bathroom was pretty chic. I have posted a room tour on my youtube channel. I’d recommend them as a budget friendly hotel.

Day One:

On our first day in the city, we explored Lincoln. We started at Lincoln Castle. There was loads of activities here. We started with a medieval wall walk around the castle walls. This had a lot of stunning views, all around the perimeter, including a great viewpoint overlooking Lincoln Cathedral. At this same site, there was also a victorian prison, which we looked around. This was a great learning experience of history.  It had renovated cell blocks, and gives you a brilliant insight into prison life back in the victorian ages. Lincoln castle also houses an original copy of the Magna Carta which was cool to see, and the original Dooms day Book was on exhibit, which they opened a day early. No photographs were allowed to be taken in this exhibit, but it’ll be a great memory. We explored the high street, and got some ice cream near the cathedral as it was such a lovely day.  The afternoon was spent in Odeon, watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Salazar’s Revenge. An installment to the franchise I actually really enjoyed! That evening we had a lovely meal out, at Frankie and Bennys’ because it was right next door to our hotel.

Day Two:

This morning started off early, as we grabbed breakfast at the hotel. This was an unlimited buffet style breakfast, which was adequate for the price. This fueled for the the rest of the day’s adventures. We travelled out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Place. I was mainly drawn to this place, as there was giraffes, and polar bears. It was a great day out and we will certainly be back in the future with our baby. It’s like longleat, but a walk through animal enclosures. There was a few light showers, but overall it was another great sunny day. After spending most our day here, we drove out to Sherwood Forest. Here we learnt more about Robin Hood, and did the Major Oak Trail, which was lovely to do in the nice weather. I also got some lovely pictures from the trail. This evening, we ate out again, at another restaurant/pub next to the hotel, called The Pride of Lincoln. It was a nice casual evening.

Day Three:

We had a bit more of a lie in on our last morning. On this last day we travelled out to Skegness. This was also to visit Natureland, along the waterfront. This is a family funded charity, seal sanctuary. They rescue, rehabilitate and release seals that wash up on the seafront. There was also an aquarium, farm animals, reptiles and alpacas on site which you can feed. We walked along the beach, and high street, before grabbing some lunch at Pizza Hut. This was our last day, so we packed up in the late afternoon, checked out, and drove home.

It was a pretty lovely weekend, and can’t wait to the many more in the future with our baby.  And many more future memories to be made. I did take many photos, all of which are in an album on my personal facebook:

*I know this post is a month late, I’ve been pretty busy! But I appreciate the reader’s patience.


Alien Covenant:Film Review

alien covenantI managed to watch Alien Covenant a day before the UK release, at work. As they was doing a one of early showing and I was working all of the opening weekend. I couldn’t live with avoiding spoilers for two days.  Being a horror fan, I’m clearly going to be an Alien franchise fan. I will not post spoilers.

I’ll always believe that Alien, is Ridley Scott’s best film, he’s done in my opinion. Although the sequels could be questionable, with a mixed reaction fanbase. It seemed like ages ago since I watched Prometheus, but when I watched the current film, Covenant. I understood it. I thought the production and the space scenary was beautiful. Always one for breathtaking scenery and visuals. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job in this masterpiece.

It has been announced that Ridley Scott is going to make like 4 more films in this Alien franchise, to pad out the stoy more. All of which I can not wait for more evolution to the story.  I really wasn’t disappointed with this installment. I enjoyed it, would happily watch it again, and totally recommend this movie to fellow moviegoers.


Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2: Film Review.

I was unfortunate to not be able to see this on opening night. Which made for 3 days of avoiding spoilers and reviews like the plague. This proves to be a difficult task, working in a cinema. I’m not going to post any spoilers, just my opinions. My main opinion being that Guardians of the Galaxy is the best comic to come from Marvel, besides X-Men. I’ve looked forward to this since news of the sequel launched.

I loved this film just as much as the first one. I thought it explained the characters a bit more, especially with Peter Quill, Gamora and Rocket. Groot stole the spotlight in the entire film. There’s no shortage of funny moments, in this movie. The movie was beautiful and very graphic orientated, to watch. ANd was great fun to see Stan Lee do a cameo, inside the movie. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job, so a huge commendation to them, The only negative point to this movie, was I didn’t think the music was a great, compared to the first film.

I’d totally recommend Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, to all comic book lovers. If you see this film, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m enjoying doing these short film reviews. These will be a permanent staple to my blog, as I expand.


Life Changing News 💑🤰🏼

My blog has been very quiet recently for a very good reason. A very shocking but really good news. My partner and I are expecting!! Exciting news right? We found out about a month ago after several positive tests. 

Clearly our family was told pretty early on. This was because if anything went wrong, we’d have a support system to rely on. All of which were very happy to hear. As we got closer to the 12 week mark, we made an announcement on social media officially. 

I’m writing this post now I’m 12 weeks, to share the news with my readers and to let them know that my blog may get neglected a bit as I’m learning this new part of my life. This is also so we can look back at my life. Kind of like an online diary

But here’s my beautiful baby! As of the latest scan all was healthy and well! 

Thanks for all the well wishes. We appreciate them all!