Just a small rant…

I do not recommend Virgin Media at all for broadband and tv. And this rant will for sure explain why.

Did you know the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have implemented new security measures for online transactions? I did not know this until I came across my debit card declining a bill payment with Virgin. Only reason given, was strong customer authorisation (SCA) required. But never any redirections or anything. Upon my visit to the bank, they confirmed that this SCA, would be when the site directs me to authorise a transaction through my banking app. Because virgin’s website doesn’t do this, and I tried eight times, the bank and I guess the FCA said that the website has not been updated to the standards, and that’s why I have been having an issue. The very helpful lady in the bank, suggested I get the bank details, to pay via bank transfer.

So that I did, I got given details to do the transfer, which by the time I got the details, was on the 14th May 2022. I proceeded to make this payment, and of course the money left my account right away, and the customer representative told us services would be back on between 3 – 24 hours. But of course it wasn’t, and then we was told up to 5 days, when I know they can do it before then.

To make things worse they acknowledge we have payed, but won’t turn it on.

We will be switching as soon as we can.

-Rebecca Watts


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