Anxious and exciting.

I have been quiet on here, due to many personal situations happening. A lot of stress, financially, relationships, social, education etc…. It’s been a hard run mentally. A rise in my depression also has paused blog posts, even though I have several ideas. It doesn’t help that I have a really big trip coming up. A lot of exciting things to hang in there for. As always while I’m away, I’ll likely update instagram first (link).

I have also created a tiktok, where you can follow me… xorebeccaklxo – I mostly will be reposting my reels I make on insta, but to a wider audience hopefully.

From the end of May 2022, until early July 2022 I will be travelling to Melbourne, Australia. This is a trip to visit family. My first trip sort of alone (my son is coming with me). I am excited and super anxious, so there’s been a week of last minute over thinking, packing and listing/organising. But soo many adventures and memories to be made. Of course plenty of photos will be taken and a blog post will be focusing on the holiday.

When I return from the trip, I will be starting a job. A job I am very excited for, just because it’s finally a contract. An actual fricken contract after years of working 0 hour contracts. Oh the doors this could open up.

If you still follow my blog, I am so grateful. You can find all my social medias under rebeccaklxo

Thanks for reading this update.



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