To rebrand or not to rebrand…

That is the age old question.

Firstly ‘ll be keeping all social media the same. my personal instagram will be rebecaklxo, my style instagram is chasingbecky

However I have been sat thinking hard about this blog. It’s been 6 great years, but I also recognise this as a weird identity crisis labelled as a lifestyle blog. Maybe it’s why it hasn’t done well.

So I have thought about making a new blog. and working well to relaunch a great blog.

Because I still love doing this on the side, of my real life adult job.

I will keep this blog open for random personal ramblings, etc because I still enjoy looking back on this, for my life. But I will be finding a way to combine travel/style into one great blog with a cute name.

I’m so excited. Who else is excited?



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