The Hitman’s Bodyguard: Film Review

Spent a free afternoon in the cinema, finally watching The Hitman’s Bodyguard. I didn’t really see a trailer for this beforehand. All I knew going into this film, was that it was meant to be one of those miss matched comedy pairing based film. This isn’t a negative thing, but it just doesn’t work for some films.

Although Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds are certainly a acting pair that doesn’t go together. That being said, they did have a good chemistry on screen, throughout the film. A great portrayal of a love hate relationship. However the action sequences are just something else. So well put together. Definitely a high point for the film, along with the storyline. I actually enjoyed. The cast and crew did an amazing job.

I totally would recommend this film. It’s action packed, and provides some good laughs. Let me know via twitter (@RebeccaKLxo) your thoughts about the movie.



Annabelle Creation : Film Review.

As a big horror fan, and seeing so many positive reviews for this movie; I clearly had to watch this. Along with many other reasons including the fact that I’ve seen every movie in the conjuring universe. The trailer for Annabelle Creation set a very high bar of standard in my mind. Making me jump everytime I view it. There’s just something about creepy dolls that freak me out.

Overall it was great. Always made to a high standard. It fitted into The Conjuring universe perfectly. I especially loved the little nod to the demon nun. I won’t explain further, as it’ll be a spoiler in the movie. The cast and crew did an amazing job in creating Annabelle. I really do hope James Wan stay on to produce all the movies in this universe, because I really feel like the franchise wouldn’t be the same without him.

I do recommend that you go see this film, especially if you are a fan of horror films. Let me know what you think via twitter?

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Baby Driver: Film Review 📽

I got intrigued by Baby Driver, when I first saw the movie trailer. I must say I was excited with this release date approaching. Where I work had an early showing of Baby Driver, that I really wanted to see. You can imagine how disappointed I was, to find out I was working on that evening. But I must say the wait was worth it, even though avoiding spoilers was a bit of a task and a half.

Every member of the cast and crew did an amazing job on this film. Ansel Elgort was phenomenal. I absolutely loved Jon Hamm in this film. It’s the whole criminal badass look, that really gets to me. So much so, I currently have a cardboard standee of Jon Hamm in the back of my car. I was a little disappointed with Kevin Spacey though, not going to lie. I thought he could of done more as a criminal boss, maybe be a bit more ruthless. The car chases and getaway drives are perfectly timed with an amazingly fitting soundtrack.

Overall, I was really pleased with this film. I will happily watch this film many many more times. It’d definitely a good summer movie. I will recommend watching Baby Driver to all readers! Share with me your opinions via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo.


Adventures in Lincoln.

Bank holiday weekend I spent a few days up in Lincoln with my partner. We used this time as a couples holiday, before we get too distracted by baby talk, planning and spending all our money on our pending arrival. I also just wanted to get a few days outside of Bristol, and relax. We stayed in Ibis Lincoln. Which on paper has 2 stars, saying that it wasn’t that bad of a hotel. The room we stayed in, was simple, chic and sophisticated. Even the bathroom was pretty chic. I have posted a room tour on my youtube channel. I’d recommend them as a budget friendly hotel.

Day One:

On our first day in the city, we explored Lincoln. We started at Lincoln Castle. There was loads of activities here. We started with a medieval wall walk around the castle walls. This had a lot of stunning views, all around the perimeter, including a great viewpoint overlooking Lincoln Cathedral. At this same site, there was also a victorian prison, which we looked around. This was a great learning experience of history.  It had renovated cell blocks, and gives you a brilliant insight into prison life back in the victorian ages. Lincoln castle also houses an original copy of the Magna Carta which was cool to see, and the original Dooms day Book was on exhibit, which they opened a day early. No photographs were allowed to be taken in this exhibit, but it’ll be a great memory. We explored the high street, and got some ice cream near the cathedral as it was such a lovely day.  The afternoon was spent in Odeon, watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Salazar’s Revenge. An installment to the franchise I actually really enjoyed! That evening we had a lovely meal out, at Frankie and Bennys’ because it was right next door to our hotel.

Day Two:

This morning started off early, as we grabbed breakfast at the hotel. This was an unlimited buffet style breakfast, which was adequate for the price. This fueled for the the rest of the day’s adventures. We travelled out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Place. I was mainly drawn to this place, as there was giraffes, and polar bears. It was a great day out and we will certainly be back in the future with our baby. It’s like longleat, but a walk through animal enclosures. There was a few light showers, but overall it was another great sunny day. After spending most our day here, we drove out to Sherwood Forest. Here we learnt more about Robin Hood, and did the Major Oak Trail, which was lovely to do in the nice weather. I also got some lovely pictures from the trail. This evening, we ate out again, at another restaurant/pub next to the hotel, called The Pride of Lincoln. It was a nice casual evening.

Day Three:

We had a bit more of a lie in on our last morning. On this last day we travelled out to Skegness. This was also to visit Natureland, along the waterfront. This is a family funded charity, seal sanctuary. They rescue, rehabilitate and release seals that wash up on the seafront. There was also an aquarium, farm animals, reptiles and alpacas on site which you can feed. We walked along the beach, and high street, before grabbing some lunch at Pizza Hut. This was our last day, so we packed up in the late afternoon, checked out, and drove home.

It was a pretty lovely weekend, and can’t wait to the many more in the future with our baby.  And many more future memories to be made. I did take many photos, all of which are in an album on my personal facebook:

*I know this post is a month late, I’ve been pretty busy! But I appreciate the reader’s patience.


Logan: Film Review 📽

Seeings two of my favourite comics come from Marvel, (Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men). I clearly had to watch Logan, being a part of the X-Men franchise. Especially when I’ve seen all the tv series, films and frequently reading the books. When I was younger, my sister and I used to pretend to be mutants from X-Men.

The entire film, has a lot more of a darker presence, then past X-Men films. I like to think of it as an epic finale to the movie franchise. I won’t post about the plot or any spoilers, as it’s still new out, but I feel like I need to warn hardcore X-Men fans, that this will make you cry. I was not emotionally prepared for the amount of tears I shed last night, while I watched Logan.

I can not think of a better actor to portray Wolverine, then Hugh Jackman. To be fair the same goes to Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Professor Charles Xavier. I think knowing this will be the last time they would play these characters, made it so sad. Every cast and crew member done a phenomenal job, deserves a lot of credit.

I would totally recommend this film to everyone. Certainly for X-Men fans, but also just the action alone would keep a action film fan pleased. Let me know what you think via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo


Style Evolution|LookBook: Site Review

Being into fashion, like what some may say a typical girl would love. I find it an unseen passion of mine. Also the target of many of my compulsive buys, from clothes through to accessories and shoes. My style has evolved a lot throughout the years. I started about 10 years ago, with a pretty girly outlook to fashion. Lots of florals and pink colours in that 12 year old’s wardrobe.

My style just got more refined as it evolved. 16 year old me was a very different picture in fashion to 12 year old me. It was more gothic rock chick. I remember going into Claire’s Accessories and spending my pocket money on their black netted gloves and range of ties. Turning 18, came with a going out wardrobe, loads of bodycon and little black dresses. As of now, my style is pretty grunge like, loads of flannel shirts, band t-shirts and skinnies.

I stumbled upon a site called – And I just love the site, even just being on it for 2 days so far. I’ve found so much style inspiration through this site. If you’re a fellow fashion lover, this site should be in your bookmarks! Enjoy thousands of beautiful style photos to your hearts content.

Check out my profile:        and my latest uploaded look.

Let me know what you think of this site via twitter. @RebeccaKLxo




XXX: Return of Xander Cage: Film Review.

I’ve fallen behind a bit with these reviews, after watching 4 films in one week, as well as binge watching Sneaky Pete and sleeping. It’s really nothing interesting just been tired. But here’s the usual short film review, with no spoilers just my opinions.

First reason I watched this, was because I’ve seen the other films and you can’t just not stop halfway through a franchise. Also another celebrity crush in Vin Diesel. A few topless scenes is enough to distract me. I thought the ladies man persona was a bit heavy in the acting. I’ve also got a newfound love for Ruby Rose. I love how badass her character is. It’s also heartwarming to see a bromance between their roles on screen. Always lovely to see when actors and actresses do their own stunts, especially in an action film.

A well done to all the cast and crew on this production. The scenes are beautiful and the action sequences were out of this world. So much so, I’ve seen this film twice in the cinema. I think that says a lot about a film, if you are willing to watch it twice in a cinema. Let me know your opinions via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo


Amazon Original TV.

I’ve noticed that the online TV scene is starting to bring out some very hookable tv shows. Of course Netflix is a big player in this industry, with many great shows, from The Crown, to a Series of Unfortunate Events. This post I’m going to focus on Amazon. I don’t get much spare time, but when I do, these are the Amazon original tv shows that have me currently hooked. I haven’t listed the shows in any particular order.

  • Sneaky Pete: I said this list isn’t in any particular order, but Sneaky Pete is currently my number one. It’s well written by Bryan Cranston. Not only does Giovanni Ribisi kill it as the main character. It certainly has kept me hooked.
  • Hand of God: This show also intrigued me. It’s a great one showing complexity when you are faced with morals and justice. I think Ron Perlman really makes this show. I’m trying to imagine it with another actor, and I can’t.
  • Lucifer: Lucifer has many subjects that intrigue me, from the underworld/hell to crime. It is certainly well done. It plays on morals as well as religion.
  • The Man in the High Castle: This was one of the first amazon original shows I started watching. I feel like it’s brave, tackling an alternative history outlook on World War 2 for it’s story basis. Certainly an original for online tv.

There are my current binge watchable series I’m loving on Amazon. What are yours? Let me know via twitter. @RebeccaKLxo


Split: Film Review

This is the first film of the year, that I haven’t read any reviews for beforehand. Although I did have mixed feelings about the film as it was written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Who in my opinion has had a pretty up and down career. In his earlier days, The Sixth Sense and Signs, I thought was great, and more recently The Visit. I won’t be posting any spoilers.

One of the reasons I had to watch this, was being a fan of James Mcavoy and Jessica Sula. This was probably the most complex role, James Mcavoy has probably played, and it was done so well. There is not enough commendation in the world to commend him on the role. I’ve been a fan of Jessica Sula since her portrayal of Grace Blood in Skins. Although it was just a supporting role in Split. She still did a good job. Anya Taylor-Joy also did a good job especially with the deep storyline of her past, thoroughly explaining her characteristic traits.

The film pays homage to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Shyamalan’s home town. Even the underground set/home to Kevin, is well built, and fits well with a zoo. Although it reminds me a lot of Central Zoo in New York. It’s also well directed, and put together film. It certainly kept me on my toes, so to speak. I’ll happily watch it over and over again. I love how it shows how complex the human mind can be, as well as the effects of trauma on mental health.

I do recommend this film in my opinion. Such a great film, one of my favourites of 2017 so far. Tweet me with your opinions: @RebeccaKLxo



A Monster Calls: Film Review.

Today after a long day at work, an 8am start after an epic night out. It also was a rare day off for my mum, from her work, she wanted to watch this film. So I used it as a perfect excuse as a mother daughter film time. As always this will be a small review, doing my best not to post spoilers but here’s a spoiler warning just in case.

The film was a film I didn’t hear much or had an interest in wanting to watch A Monster Calls. Saying that, it was an extremely well made film. The story sequences were beautifully done. The acting was top notch, especially with a newcomer like Lewis Macdougall in such a pivotable leading role. Felicity Jones does such a heart-warming job. I think Liam Neeson was a perfect choice to do the monster’s voice. Even the supporting cast did a great job too.

I was not emotionally prepared for this film. I balled my eyes out, the tears just kept on streaming. It’s a powerful and moving story. On the other hand, even though it’s rated as a 12A. In my personal opinion it’s a pretty heavy subject matter, too much for children. Although it has a teachable moment, about taking your mother for granted, showing a new found appreciation for mothers.

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