About Me

Hello guys, thanks for checking out my blog!

So I’m Rebecca, from Bristol, UK. I started the blog just for myself, and if you happen to read or follow it, I’m honoured. I’m a pageant girl, as well as a hobbyist model. I live for social media. I start college soon. I love my camera, and creating art. I have social anxiety, and have dealt with depression in the past due to being bullied. I’m a Libra. ย I love horror films, indie music, vinyls, and gaming.

My blog is mainly film reviews and a general lifestyle blog, covering anything from fashion, mental health through to beauty and travel.

A small snippet of my personal life, I’m in a long term relationship, with my boyfriend, since February 2014. We are expecting our first baby, a boy due 27th October 2017.

Social media links are below:

Instagram: rebeccaklxo Twitter: @RebeccaKLxo

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rebeccaklxo

Tumblr: rebeccaklxo.tumblr.com




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