Memories evolving & connecting.

I fully believe after the last few weeks, where I’ve endured similar bad dreams, nearly ever other night! My mind has found a new way to traumatise me!

If there’s a way for memories to trauma bind together, I fully believe that is what is happening to my memories it finds a similar memory and bonds causing a bigger impact on my mind.

Issues with this is, I’ve gone through more bad experiences than most! So it actually probably fills 80% of my mind anyway!

The most recent bond, is a memory from when I was SA’d at 12, and being used last month for personal gratification. Because you can argue that both instances are being used for gratification, they’re bonding together.

Other bonded memory, is the past physically abusive relationship, and a recent mental, narcissistic abusive relationship. Because this spans 10 years of my life.

I have a very slim hope, that things are starting to look up for me. In the mean time I’ll keep on surviving and healing.


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