The best month of my life.

At the end of the May 2022, I ventured off on a big adventure. My first solo holiday adventure on my own, as a parent. I took my son on this same adventure. Fair warning, this will be a huge loaded blog post, about this adventure. A big one, travelling to Australia, to visit family. Yes I took my 4 year old son, to the other side of the country by myself, for 5 weeks. Although it was challenging and tiring, it was also so very rewarding. The memories we made, are for life.

Now of course there is too much to share in one blog post. You would be here for weeks reading this one post. I did keep a detailed journal of the holiday, and everything we did. It was beyond amazing to be able to explore Melbourne though, by ourselves and learn the area, all while staying in the hills/countryside.

Everywhere you drive too, there was beautiful scenery, everywhere. You can see why the Australian Government are so strict. It rained for the first few weeks we was there, but still so beautiful. If it rains in the UK, it’s depressing. It really does put a lot into perspective, and makes me want to take the dive to immigrate so much more. Another plan to visit, hopefully over Christmas, (Australia’s summer).

Here’s just a few things we did while we was away:

  • Healesville Animal
  • Puffing Billy at Emerald Lake.
  • Cauldermeade Farm & Cafe.
  • Neighbours Tour, Nunawading Studios.
  • Melbourne Skydeck at Eureka.
  • Explored Upwey.
  • Melbourne Museum.
  • Maffra motor museum.
  • Cowes Beach, Phillip island.
  • Penguin Parade, Phillip island.
  • Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.
  • Explored Echuca (VA) and went into Moama (NSW).
  • Chadstone Mall.
  • Mount Dandenong.
  • Watched a movie at the Lunar Drive in.
  • Melbourne Zoo.
  • Luna Park, St Kilda.
  • Fitzroy Gardens and Docklands.
  • Moonlit Sanctuary.
  • Melbourne Goal.
  • Brighton Beach.
  • Visited Fox’s classic car collection.
  • Melbourne Sealife Aquarium.
  • Explored Mornington Peninsula.
  • Had a girls night out, in Melbourne city.
  • Phillip Island wildlife park.
  • Woolamai Beach.
  • Olinda Park.
  • Listerfield Park.

We also had a few self care days, a few rest days, and of course meals out, etc. Some days we did multiple activities. Enjoy this small gallery of some of our holiday pics. There is also pics and a few reels, on my instagram account: Rebeccaklxo .

Here’s to many more travel trips…


Anxious and exciting.

I have been quiet on here, due to many personal situations happening. A lot of stress, financially, relationships, social, education etc…. It’s been a hard run mentally. A rise in my depression also has paused blog posts, even though I have several ideas. It doesn’t help that I have a really big trip coming up. A lot of exciting things to hang in there for. As always while I’m away, I’ll likely update instagram first (link).

I have also created a tiktok, where you can follow me… xorebeccaklxo – I mostly will be reposting my reels I make on insta, but to a wider audience hopefully.

From the end of May 2022, until early July 2022 I will be travelling to Melbourne, Australia. This is a trip to visit family. My first trip sort of alone (my son is coming with me). I am excited and super anxious, so there’s been a week of last minute over thinking, packing and listing/organising. But soo many adventures and memories to be made. Of course plenty of photos will be taken and a blog post will be focusing on the holiday.

When I return from the trip, I will be starting a job. A job I am very excited for, just because it’s finally a contract. An actual fricken contract after years of working 0 hour contracts. Oh the doors this could open up.

If you still follow my blog, I am so grateful. You can find all my social medias under rebeccaklxo

Thanks for reading this update.


Just a small rant…

I do not recommend Virgin Media at all for broadband and tv. And this rant will for sure explain why.

Did you know the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have implemented new security measures for online transactions? I did not know this until I came across my debit card declining a bill payment with Virgin. Only reason given, was strong customer authorisation (SCA) required. But never any redirections or anything. Upon my visit to the bank, they confirmed that this SCA, would be when the site directs me to authorise a transaction through my banking app. Because virgin’s website doesn’t do this, and I tried eight times, the bank and I guess the FCA said that the website has not been updated to the standards, and that’s why I have been having an issue. The very helpful lady in the bank, suggested I get the bank details, to pay via bank transfer.

So that I did, I got given details to do the transfer, which by the time I got the details, was on the 14th May 2022. I proceeded to make this payment, and of course the money left my account right away, and the customer representative told us services would be back on between 3 – 24 hours. But of course it wasn’t, and then we was told up to 5 days, when I know they can do it before then.

To make things worse they acknowledge we have payed, but won’t turn it on.

We will be switching as soon as we can.

-Rebecca Watts

supporting my fundraising!

I’m just trying to get the word out. Because as my event looms closer, it’s looking more like an awareness event, then a fundraising event. I will be doing this walk either way.

I have been very open about my own mental health journey on here: Would you have known?

I am a pageant princess and finalist, representing Bristol, UK.

Miss Mystic Princess 2021/22 & Ms Bristol 21/22 MMB Finalist.

And at the end of next month, I’ll be taking on a sponsored walk for 16.6 miles in aid of Meningitis Research Foundation & Grassroots Suicide Prevention.

Walk event: Sponsored Walk: 16.6 for Grassroots and Meningitis Research Foundation UK.

The above is the official event on Facebook I have created for this walk. Below is the JustGiving link.

Just Giving link is

Daily walks are held as a huge positive for mental health. Most days I can barely go out to walk around my local neighbourhood. So you can imagine the challenge of walking 16.6 miles will be for me. Thankfully I will be joined by family, and my son will join a portion of the walk too. I also hope to livestream sections for both proof and record but also to hopefully drive some support. This will be via my personal Instagram.

Sponsored Walk Poster.

Thank you as always for reading and supporting me.


Coping by daydreams.

I spend a lot of time day dreaming. I guess that’s the consequence when we live in a world where everything requires/revolves around wealth. That or a sub par relationship.  I seem to find a lot of my time in my head, daydreaming.

I dream about all kinds of scenarios. Now this could also just be a manifestation of my mental health. However, sometimes it is also just nice to enjoy a very cool fantasy world. 

At the beginning of this, I was going to share a fantasy or 2 that I enjoy daydreaming. However it is something very personal to me, that I am not ready to share yet. 

So I apologise if this is a bit of a let down. But I have been dealing with my anxiety and depression a lot the past few months, (hence the quiet blog). I am building myself up. I am learning. I am evolving.

Still can’t get over my insta growth, as well as been braving the reels!!! Do go follow me and check them out! Insta link.

As well as here’s a few of my past blog posts for you to browse: 

Adventures in nyc. Love yourself 💖 A little Serial… 🖤 A stylish addiction. 👗🌸

Film review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022

A fresh take on a classic horror.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you will know that Texas chainsaw massacre is my favourite horror film. It is very special to me. From watching the 1974 classic, and every remake and special edition made. To add to my sentiment of these films, they always say that you remember the first 18 film you see in the cinema. Well mine was Texas Chainsaw 3D, in 2013. If this doesn’t convince you I am a fan, then check out my collaboration with Photowall Sweden, called A little Serial

I must say Netflix is onto a winner with this sequel. It has truly made my day. Honestly it’s a little difficult to write a review, when I am this happy. Like there is so much consistent detailing, I am genuinely impressed. The iconic chainsaw, the story links, the face masks. Even the typical stupid mistakes teens in horror films makes. But it’s genius in 2022 to link it with social media.

To see the link with Sally Hardesty and the original, just warms my heart. It’s the clever details like that just makes me happy. Assuming the film is set in 2024, the details like 50 years later, is spot on. The overall gore as well, for it being on Netflix, did not hold back.

Without giving the full story away, the emotional rollercoaster I was taken on, I DID NOT expect. Even the ending was not expected.

I’d like to think Gunnar Hansen (Rest in Peace) would be proud.

What a lunchtime. I have had.


Would you have known? 💚🖤

Trigger Warning

I challenge you to read on, and find the common feature of these photos.

As a part of my journey in pageantry with Miss Mystic Beauty, my platform is suicide awareness and prevention. Because being able to #breakthestigma and just maybe inspire or help someone, just makes it worth while sharing my story.

My story.

I have shared a collection of pictures here, of myself. Through my teen years.
I am no stranger to suicidal thoughts, even to this day. And I’ve opened up about that in a video on my page, during my challenge suicide perception campaign. But what makes these photos special in a different kind of way is. They were all taken on a day where suicide was attempted. 4 different times, 4 different days. 4 brutal attempts as a result of being bullied.

Would you have known that simply looking at these photos, of course not.

Ending this story on a positive note, if 15/16 year old me had of been successful, I wouldn’t be able to drive, I wouldn’t be a parent, I wouldn’t have a love of pageantry and my platform. I wouldn’t of got to be a bridesmaid for the first time. I wouldn’t have my little flat I call home. I wouldn’t have my blog. I wouldn’t now be studying for my dream career.

Point is, no matter how truly difficult it may feel or seem. Opening up, even to a stranger really does make the difference. And my inboxes are always open.💚

#openup #speakup #suicideawareness #missmysticprincess #breakthestigma #mystory #whatif #reachoutforhelp #mycampaign #missmysticbeauty #staystrong #suicideprevention

Victoria by Rebecca: An Etsy (ad)Venture.

I have been exploring my creative side. As an individual who loves her prints. And I mean loves my prints. I have at least a print or two in every room of my home. I really do love it. I have a Friday Night Dinner inspired print in my kitchen. A variety of blog related and motivational quotes around my lounge and bedroom. A relaxing reminder print in my bathroom. I also have a unique piece of pop punk band art print framed also.

So I figured why not create my own, and hopefully share them with the world. Under the store name, Victoria by Rebecca. In homage to my amazing mother. Specialising in digital prints, which I feel is great for immediate ownership, and flexibility in printing however the buyer likes.

I have launched with 4 prints to begin with. Two special ones inspired by the #bekind movement. A motivational education inspired print. Also a cityscape print which I took while on holiday in New York City. These are limited and available now on the etsy store. Please do check them out. and tag #victoriabyrebecca when sharing them about. I hope as I grow you will enjoy more of these designs.

For the ones available, the Be Kind to Your Mind print will include a £5 donation to my chosen charity, Samaritans. This is one of the charities I am fundraising for as Ms Bristol, mystic beauty finalist 2022.

Please do check out the store here.


Birth of Chasing Becky.

As I have spent 2021, learning a hell of a lot about body confidence and positivity. And I am much more happier in my body, I’ve chosen to make one of my 2022 goals to build a specific style/fashion blog. Hoping to inspire others to enjoy life and style, no matter your body. My journey has been a rollercoaster but given my most recent photo, I’ve shared below, I am so much happier. (PS, yes that’s my cardboard cutout of Jon Hamm in the background).

Self Love – Being content with their self and well-being.

I will also be of course continuing to build this lifestyle blog. And hoping for a lot more regular posts and check ins, however I have no idea where 2022 is going to take me. Because the first few mo this will continue to be tough, I have not set any New Years resolutions. However I have a few goals in my head I hope to achieve this coming year. (I’ll put these in a separate post for the new year).

But in the mean time, please support my second venture, Chasing Becky. Also on Instagram at Chasingbecky.

Thank you all and I do hope everyone has a lovely 2022. We wish you all well.