Don’t Breathe: Film Review

I watched Don’t Breathe, as a break from course-work. It also served as date night for my boyfriend and I. Being a fan of the Evil Dead franchise, and wanting to watch this ever since I saw the cardboard standee at work. I got my usual ice blast combo. No spoilers here!

The film was great. It was an interesting take on modern horror. Though personally I wouldn’t class Don’t Breathe, as a horror film, more like a thriller. Jane Levy does a great job as the leading female role. Stephen Lang’s portrayal of the blind veteran, was the best acting I’ve seen in months.

This is an incredibly short film review, but I really do urge you to go see it, if it’s your type of film! I really do recommend it! I don’t see the point in writing a huge ass post, just to get the point that the film is really good. But here’s a link to the trailer:

Tweet me with your thoughts, if you see the film! @RebeccaKLxo

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