Adventures in Lincoln.

Bank holiday weekend I spent a few days up in Lincoln with my partner. We used this time as a couples holiday, before we get too distracted by baby talk, planning and spending all our money on our pending arrival. I also just wanted to get a few days outside of Bristol, and relax. We stayed in Ibis Lincoln. Which on paper has 2 stars, saying that it wasn’t that bad of a hotel. The room we stayed in, was simple, chic and sophisticated. Even the bathroom was pretty chic. I have posted a room tour on my youtube channel. I’d recommend them as a budget friendly hotel.

Day One:

On our first day in the city, we explored Lincoln. We started at Lincoln Castle. There was loads of activities here. We started with a medieval wall walk around the castle walls. This had a lot of stunning views, all around the perimeter, including a great viewpoint overlooking Lincoln Cathedral. At this same site, there was also a victorian prison, which we looked around. This was a great learning experience of history.  It had renovated cell blocks, and gives you a brilliant insight into prison life back in the victorian ages. Lincoln castle also houses an original copy of the Magna Carta which was cool to see, and the original Dooms day Book was on exhibit, which they opened a day early. No photographs were allowed to be taken in this exhibit, but it’ll be a great memory. We explored the high street, and got some ice cream near the cathedral as it was such a lovely day.  The afternoon was spent in Odeon, watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Salazar’s Revenge. An installment to the franchise I actually really enjoyed! That evening we had a lovely meal out, at Frankie and Bennys’ because it was right next door to our hotel.

Day Two:

This morning started off early, as we grabbed breakfast at the hotel. This was an unlimited buffet style breakfast, which was adequate for the price. This fueled for the the rest of the day’s adventures. We travelled out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Place. I was mainly drawn to this place, as there was giraffes, and polar bears. It was a great day out and we will certainly be back in the future with our baby. It’s like longleat, but a walk through animal enclosures. There was a few light showers, but overall it was another great sunny day. After spending most our day here, we drove out to Sherwood Forest. Here we learnt more about Robin Hood, and did the Major Oak Trail, which was lovely to do in the nice weather. I also got some lovely pictures from the trail. This evening, we ate out again, at another restaurant/pub next to the hotel, called The Pride of Lincoln. It was a nice casual evening.

Day Three:

We had a bit more of a lie in on our last morning. On this last day we travelled out to Skegness. This was also to visit Natureland, along the waterfront. This is a family funded charity, seal sanctuary. They rescue, rehabilitate and release seals that wash up on the seafront. There was also an aquarium, farm animals, reptiles and alpacas on site which you can feed. We walked along the beach, and high street, before grabbing some lunch at Pizza Hut. This was our last day, so we packed up in the late afternoon, checked out, and drove home.

It was a pretty lovely weekend, and can’t wait to the many more in the future with our baby.  And many more future memories to be made. I did take many photos, all of which are in an album on my personal facebook:

*I know this post is a month late, I’ve been pretty busy! But I appreciate the reader’s patience.


Alien Covenant:Film Review

alien covenantI managed to watch Alien Covenant a day before the UK release, at work. As they was doing a one of early showing and I was working all of the opening weekend. I couldn’t live with avoiding spoilers for two days.  Being a horror fan, I’m clearly going to be an Alien franchise fan. I will not post spoilers.

I’ll always believe that Alien, is Ridley Scott’s best film, he’s done in my opinion. Although the sequels could be questionable, with a mixed reaction fanbase. It seemed like ages ago since I watched Prometheus, but when I watched the current film, Covenant. I understood it. I thought the production and the space scenary was beautiful. Always one for breathtaking scenery and visuals. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job in this masterpiece.

It has been announced that Ridley Scott is going to make like 4 more films in this Alien franchise, to pad out the stoy more. All of which I can not wait for more evolution to the story.  I really wasn’t disappointed with this installment. I enjoyed it, would happily watch it again, and totally recommend this movie to fellow moviegoers.


Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2: Film Review.

I was unfortunate to not be able to see this on opening night. Which made for 3 days of avoiding spoilers and reviews like the plague. This proves to be a difficult task, working in a cinema. I’m not going to post any spoilers, just my opinions. My main opinion being that Guardians of the Galaxy is the best comic to come from Marvel, besides X-Men. I’ve looked forward to this since news of the sequel launched.

I loved this film just as much as the first one. I thought it explained the characters a bit more, especially with Peter Quill, Gamora and Rocket. Groot stole the spotlight in the entire film. There’s no shortage of funny moments, in this movie. The movie was beautiful and very graphic orientated, to watch. ANd was great fun to see Stan Lee do a cameo, inside the movie. The cast and crew did a phenomenal job, so a huge commendation to them, The only negative point to this movie, was I didn’t think the music was a great, compared to the first film.

I’d totally recommend Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, to all comic book lovers. If you see this film, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’m enjoying doing these short film reviews. These will be a permanent staple to my blog, as I expand.


Life Changing News 💑🤰🏼

My blog has been very quiet recently for a very good reason. A very shocking but really good news. My partner and I are expecting!! Exciting news right? We found out about a month ago after several positive tests. 

Clearly our family was told pretty early on. This was because if anything went wrong, we’d have a support system to rely on. All of which were very happy to hear. As we got closer to the 12 week mark, we made an announcement on social media officially. 

I’m writing this post now I’m 12 weeks, to share the news with my readers and to let them know that my blog may get neglected a bit as I’m learning this new part of my life. This is also so we can look back at my life. Kind of like an online diary

But here’s my beautiful baby! As of the latest scan all was healthy and well! 

Thanks for all the well wishes. We appreciate them all! 


Free Fire: Film Review.

This was not a film I was looking forward too, despite the star studded cast. I did see the trailer a few times, It didn’t really catch my eye. But this was date night, by the partner’s choice. Saying that, Cillian Murphy did catch my eyes in the trailer, being one of my many, many celebrity crushes. That’s usually all it takes for me to watch a film, a hot movie star.

This film, set in the 70’s, which was kept consistent throughout the set design and styling. Themovie did well, to stretch a shootout scene, for most of the screen time, and do it in such a clever way; but still keeps it intriguing. It doesn’t feel dragged out. Which is what I would of thought would be their number one problem.

All in all, I’d recommend this movie!


Crushing Hard… 🌷💋❤️

I got inspired to start writing this post at midnight by hand in my cute little ‘daydreamer’ notebook. I thought could help any readers who are currently crushing on any individual. I’ve just typed this straight up, word for word from my notebook. Though this won’t be as pretty as what I have written in the book, with cute heart doodles on each page. As the title implies, my crush seems to have hit me like a truckload.

*Forbidden love is an enticing concept filled; lust, mystery and temptation*

There is not a undescribable or crazier feeling than the one I get with you. The way my heart skips a beat, or when I play with my hairband on my wrist. The skip in my step , while a sway my handbag. I’d often go shy, not knowing what to say or even the inability to keep eye contact, without getting lost. I get captivated when you enlighten me with new knowledge. There’s always a smile, whenever you like my social media posts. My heart lights up when you smile. It even flutters when your glance is in my direction.

There would be mutual happiness, if we share the same thoughts.Many people think I wouldn’t be happy if this was pursued. I guess you could see this as an open letter. I don’t know if you’d read this, but if you have, this is basically my heart on my sleeve.

If this is all in my imagination, I would rather live in my imaginary domain. In my mind, it’s just a crush. It has to be, but my heart questions it. Nothing could ever happen, even if I dream. What woman wouldn’t want an intelligent man. So I’ll use this as a permanent account, so I can relive feelings that I can never pursue.


Beauty and the Beast: Film Review.

I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet, who wasn’t excited for this Disney remake. Beauty and the Beast is my top disney film. I have always loved this musical. So much so, I’ve seen this film twice. I have the soundtrack on repeat, the songs stuck in my head. I’m not going to post any spoilers about the film here.

This film is visually stunning. The production team did a phenomenal job. Emma Watson did a good job as Belle. Keeping the innocence in her character, with a bit of sassy. Especially with her interactions with Gaston. I cannot imagine anyone else but Luke Evans in this role. Not only do I find him really handsome as Gaston. His parts of the movie were my favourite. Dan Stevens portrayal as the beast/prince was fantastic. I really preferred him more as the beast though. Josh Gad as LeFou was mindblowing. He did an amazing job, as Disney’s first gay character, though in my opinion, I didn’t really see it.

This Disney remake is set to pave the way for a number of more live action remakes. I honestly can’t wait! I definitely recommend watching Beauty and the Beast. I saw it twice and would happily watch it many more times. Let me know your opinions on the film, via social media.


Get Out: Film Review.

As soon as I saw the trailer to this, the first time, I knew I had to watch it. I’m a fan of the horror films that Blumhouse produces. The Gift and Insidious are two of my favourites. I did really like Get Out. I can see how it made so much money on it’s opening weekend. As all my film reviews, I will try my best to not post spoilers.

Obviously a lot of commendation goes to Jordan Peele, it’s an amazing film for a first directorial debut. It’s set the bar high, especially when it was filmed in just 28 days. I also did read about some of the backlash, when Daniel Kaluuya was casted, but I must say I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. Allison Williams also did a good job in her first feature movie. As well as all the cast and crew that’s made this film possible.

Plus the twist in the film, was cleverly put in. It also had a few funny moments in, to add a break from the seriousness of the film. It’s so cleverly and beautifully made. I highly recommend watching this film, to all. I can’t praise it enough. I’ll happily rewatch it over and over again. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions on Get Out.


Kong: Skull Island: Film Review.

As is usually how I get roped into watching new films, is the trailer being so exceptionally good. Although I’ve noticed a increasing pattern, that I have with Warner Bros’ produced films. Where their trailers are really great to get the views in, but they butcher the rest of the film. It’s the reason behind the fact I’m not excited for any DC film, or now King Arthur.

That went a little off topic, but back to Kong. I didn’t have high hopes for this, as past Kong films haven’t been that good. Saying that this one, was visually stunning, especially around the island. The CGI effects with the various larger scale animals was brilliantly done. Avoiding spoilers, but the twist in the story was great, and unseen. The cast and crew did a great job, it turned out to be quite the heartwarming video. Though there could be more of certain characters, and it could do without the romantic interest tone between Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston. Samuel L JAckson portrayed the hell bent army officer so well.

I saw this film in 3D. Which added depth (no pun intended). I would totally recommend this film. Definitely the best Kong film, I’ve ever seen.


Logan: Film Review 📽

Seeings two of my favourite comics come from Marvel, (Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men). I clearly had to watch Logan, being a part of the X-Men franchise. Especially when I’ve seen all the tv series, films and frequently reading the books. When I was younger, my sister and I used to pretend to be mutants from X-Men.

The entire film, has a lot more of a darker presence, then past X-Men films. I like to think of it as an epic finale to the movie franchise. I won’t post about the plot or any spoilers, as it’s still new out, but I feel like I need to warn hardcore X-Men fans, that this will make you cry. I was not emotionally prepared for the amount of tears I shed last night, while I watched Logan.

I can not think of a better actor to portray Wolverine, then Hugh Jackman. To be fair the same goes to Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Professor Charles Xavier. I think knowing this will be the last time they would play these characters, made it so sad. Every cast and crew member done a phenomenal job, deserves a lot of credit.

I would totally recommend this film to everyone. Certainly for X-Men fans, but also just the action alone would keep a action film fan pleased. Let me know what you think via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo