Best Night Ever!*

*basically every time we’ve gone out to rock out to Rock It Bristol!

I’m mainly writing this as a personal account. So I have an online copy of my life, to look back on, in the future.

As I write this I am currently still aching, from literally having such an epic night out. I don’t usually go out, into the centre of Bristol, without a reason or purpose, like birthdays, etc… But last night’s reason was to show my sister, who my friend and I think are the best alternative DJs’ in Bristol. Though we only ever get a chance to go see them on Fridays while at Ramshackle.

At the end of the night, was quite a blur. I was well and truly drunk. Even though I was dreading checking my bank account in the morning, it wasn’t that bad. I only spent like £20. Also got selfies with the Djs, which I was kind of fangirling over, because I only put together like 2 weeks ago, that they’re in a band I love, Syren City.

If you ever get the chance to spend a night in Bristol, while they’re djing, then go rock out with them! I can’t wait for saturday’s epic night out!



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