Mental Health Stigma.

Hearing such tragic news yesterday about Chester Bennington (Rest in Peace). I felt like I should write something in light of it. Just in case it helps any individual out there, experiencing this. I myself, have always been extremely open about my experience. This includes getting into a rather deep conversation about my forearm tattoo, and the significance of my semi colon that is a part of it. The semicolon project, is used to show, when someone chose to carry on their life, when they could of ended it. I won’t get into my decision here.

However I have noticed through this journey, that a lot of people are still a bit scared about opening up about their own experience. This seems to happen mainly between men. It seems like men think it’s a sign of weakness to open up about mental health. I however see it as a sign of strength. It takes so much strength and bravery to talk about personal struggles, and I for one welcome it.

Short post I know, but I feel like it’s something important to write and open up about. I for one am always available to talk to, via social media. I hope this has inspired people to build the strength to share and help others in the mental health community.


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