Leather; A Popular Choice in the Fashion Industry.

As new collections come to light, for the new seasons, I’m noticing a lot of leather items. Which of course prompts this post. I thought I’d try something new and expanding my content. I thought it’d be fun to explore why  leather is such the popular choice within the industry, from clothes to accessories including bags.

Before we explore the present use of leather, I feel like the best place to start is with it’s history. Leather is crafted from animal skin, and is chosen for it’s many positive qualities. Durability and quality is the main focus on why leather is so popular. It also offers a timeless finish and style. No matter what form it’s made into, It’ll always be flattering. So it clearly is easy to see why it’s a popular choice.

In the accessory world, leather remains a great choice in material. It’s durable base makes it a strong fabric to work with. Allowing for many uses throughout the years before it wears. This type of resilience is a popular choice, for why leather is chosen for bags and shoes. Leather is also naturally water resistant, though not fully waterproof.

I feel like leather should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. It offers an effortlessly chic style to someone’s fashion sense. I myself have a leather jacket, several pairs of leather biker chic boots, and a casual handbag. All of which still looks pretty brand new after a having them for at least a year. It’s certainly a recommendation from myself. In my opinion, I can see why it’ a popular choice in the fashion industry.

For more infomation; https://mahileather.com/blogs/news/why-is-leather-used-for-bags-and-luggage .


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