Store Event : Ollie Quinn

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a blogger event for Ollie Quinn. A company which is offering a stylish take on eyewear and sunglasses. Although the store has only been open for about 4 months, I feel like it’s a store that’ll stay. It’s business model is a unique one. Every frame, from eyewear to sunglasses, including prescription lenses are £98.00. Not to mention they offer eye tests, for only £20.00 too. The products are a great quality, and I got to try some on. No doubt I’ll be back to buy sunglasses from here.

There was drinks and snacks supplied. Prosecco and alcohol, but there was also a really nice fruit juice made. This juice I enjoyed, as I can’t drink alcohol. Range of snacks, from popcorn to grapes, cheese and crackers. All of which was delicious, though didn’t eat much, as I had dinner with a friend just before this event at Nandos.

The decor was so stylish and chic. From the hanging mirrors, beautiful blue turquoise brick detailed walls, the interesting upside down hanging living plants. It’s just a stunning place to be in. I also enjoyed their logo. It’s a very creative, way of utilizing the O and Q from the store name. Even their advertisements are modern, and belong in a fashion magazine.

If there is a boutique near you, I recommend popping in, and seeing the quality chic products yourself. If there’s not a boutique store near you, you can see their full range and learn more about the store via their website: . You can also join them on twitter at: @oqstories. Instagram: Facebook:



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