Yes, I’m an adult and I’m still scared of the…

I’m writing this post uncomfortable experience.

Pretty intriguing title, probably made me think and try to guess what I could possibly still be scared of. I’m writing this to show people that there’s no age to fear correlation. It doesn’t matter, just own your fears. There’s many things I am scared of, from spiders, clowns to snakes and heights. But nothing is a big as my fear for the dentist. I am 22 and still need to take a teddy and have a family member accompany me to the dentist.

I recently changed dentists, because I had a feeling my old dentist wasn’t doing their job correctly. Now post tooth extraction and one filling down, with 4 more fillings next week. It’s clear the old dentist has butchered my teeth. In my opinion I’d rather sit through loads more tattoos, then deal with the dentist pain.

This is a short post, but I hope it will show people that fears aren’t something to be ashamed of. Just own it!


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