Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Film Review

Another late night date night for my boyfriend and I. Especially after a long shift at work. It was a difficult choice of films, as there’s so many good films out. Too many films and not enough weeks. The biggest mystery currently in my life is trying to figure out why I get this film mixed up with Underworld. I still haven’t solved that mystery yet.

Saying that I did enjoy the film. I’m a huge fan of the Resident Evil games. I was just as overjoyed to see the areas in the film staying true to the games, from Raccoon City through to The Hive. Even the different types of biohazard mutants exactly like the game. The acting was great, and the stunts were insane. A big well done to all the actors, actresses and the crew. I loved Ruby Rose’s cameo role also.

The only downside I thought the film had was how they filmed a few of the scenes and the camera they used. Only because I few of the fast paced action sequences and stunts, were just a blur. There was also a lot of bright lights also could cause potential headaches.

Other then that, I totally recommend this film to all. Especially if your a fan of the game. Let me know your thoughts on the film!



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