La La Land: Film Review.

Another mother daughter date to watch the highly anticipated La La Land. Even being over hyped, it didn’t disappoint. I’m not going to post any spoilers. This is just a short film review.

I loved Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling acting as their own. Though despite them working together in the past, I didn’t believe the chemistry between the two characters. All the supporting singers, dancers and musicians also need positive commendations.

The director, Damien Chazelle has done the best job ever with this film. Staying true to the original dream for the film. I can’t imagine the film in any other style but cinemascope. A true homage to classics like Singing in the Rain. Plus it’s done a great job at introducing Jazz music into a modern audience.

I loved this film, and see no reason why it wouldn’t win at least a few of it’s nominations.I wanted to watch this film like a thousand times. It’s so beautiful and wishful. I wish I could live in that world.


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