The Story So Far Live 🎶

Last night, (Friday 5th October 2018) I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing The Story So Far Live. If you follow my social media, then you’ll know they’re my favourite band. Especially on Facebook, where I have a top fan badge.

I made my family by these tickets for my birthday as soon as I saw they was playing in Bristol. I had to get tickets. My boyfriend came with me. They played at SWX in Bristol.

They’re support acts; All Get Out and Citizen are two bands I have not heard of, but I enjoyed their music and have a new fan now. I didn’t get any videos or photos of these acts. This was so I could save my phone battery, to film and photograph The Story So Far. But the supporting artists played great, and I’d recommend checking them out on YouTube.

As for the main set, they’re so amazing live. Like more than 12 hours later, I’m still in happy euphoria. I thankfully managed to get great videos, even though I was stood on the sidelines by a giant speaker. And with a self confessed crush on guitarist, Will Levy, hidden behind the speaker a bit. So that got me down, but the quality of the videos I got makes up for it. I’ll include one here and a photo. They played a mix of songs, from old classics, to a few off their new album, Proper Dose.

I’ve been a fan since I discovered them in 2010. Their music means so much to me, because it has helped me cope and pull through the worst years of my life, while I was in a past abusive relationship.

To top it off, and made my day, after the gig, I met lead singer, Parker Cannon and Guitarist, Will Levy. Who were kind enough to take a photo with me. (Of course, it didn’t happen if there’s no photos 😋) It was the best way to celebrate my birthday early, and they wished me happy birthday. Although I am embarrassed with how shy and awkward I got. Because really do just want to thank them for the music they work hard to put out.

Best night ever, now to just listen to their vinyls, on repeat and on my Spotify. And also to look forward to the next tour. One of my future wishes is to see them live over in the US too. Hopefully one day.


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