Bad Times at the El Royale: Film Review.

‘Beautifully Complex’

I’ve been excited for this film, since I first saw a trailer for it. I really hyped it up in my head. So I was happy when I finally got to see it last night. I watched it at Vue, and was very reasonably priced. It’s a well put together cast, and full of upcoming actors and actresses to watch. I saw that it’s received mixed reviews critically, but I didn’t let this cloud my judgement. I went into the screening with an open mind.

This film was visually beautiful. A neo noir feast for your eyes. The plot was a fairly simply concept, but at the same time it was beautifully complex. I can totally see Bad Time at the El Royale becoming a cult classic film, in the future. Dementia isn’t commonly portrayed in the movie industry, and there’s no right or wrong way to portray it.  Stunningly set, in a unique hotel, a hub for bad luck. What’s a unique film, if it doesn’t feature some sort of cult, lead by Billy Lee (Chris Hemsworth’s character).

However, Jeff Daniels does a very real portrayal of Dementia, it gives the movie a whole new feel. Cynthia Erivo and Lewis Pullman, are definitely ones to watch for the future of acting. To me stand out roles. I did feel like seeing Chris Hemsworth was a little disturbing, but he did his role so well. Everyone did. Well done.

Only criticism I have, is how quickly the first character died.  I felt like it was too rushed, and there could of been more of a story build up.  That and it left so many unanswered questions for me. Like who the original killer was, more information about management, the reason why Father Daniel Flynn seemed more into the camera film, then the money.  I’d totally be up for an unofficial remake/sequel, if it answers these questions.

However overall I clearly loved it, I will buy the dvd and watch over and over.  I do recommend this to people, looking to try a new genre of film, or for the fans of cult classics etc. If you do see this, let me know your thoughts via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo




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