Open Letter: Check Mate.

Something new for my blog. It’s been on my mind a lot, and just been procrastinating, and avoiding the inevitable horrible conversation. My aim is that this post gets to where it needs to be, and also for it to help other readers, who are in something similar.

I really hate the term stale relationship, and yet it’s the subject of this open letter. It’s not a nice feeling, for anyone involved. I would know, I’ve been in this thought for a year now.

It’s basically where you feel like your relationship has hit a dead end. When you feel like it really is going nowhere. When everything becomes complacent, that’s when all the magic, love and romance disappears.

It’s in those moments when you begin to get angry with yourself. Angry that you even feel those feelings in the first place, or start to think, I’ll get treated better by another guy. It’s a horrible thought, but a very real one.

But this is what happens when in 4 years, you get sick of being second, to every inanimate object ever, phone, gaming, laptop, car, etc. When you only get one bouquet of flowers, no random surprises, our only couple only holiday, being me you and your phone. Every romantic meal, me you, your phone, every zoo trip, me you your phone. You see the pattern. There’s no date nights, unless I force them, I get no help with our son, unless I force it, and no days out unless (yes you guessed it) I force it. It’s also horrible feeling lonely, every night I go to bed alone.

Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to feel alone. Sometimes she would like the odd flower bouquet surprise. She’d like more help instead of being bossy myself. Sometimes she’d like a little recognition for how much she actually does.

While you sit on the laptop, while you work all day. I’m trying to keep the flat tidy and presentable, while keeping our little boy, clothed, fed, changed and content. She keeps the kitchen tidy after your message, she does most of the washing up, unless I force you to do it, I do the washing and gets it out to dry. I hoover up, our boys food mess.

I bloody hope this gets through your head, because the last thing I want is to break up with the guy I genuinely thought I’d marry. But if I keep getting taken for granted, I will walk.


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