What I’ve Learnt The Past Year.

A week ago, I have officially been driving for a year. I still can’t believe this time two years ago, I would of been still learning this life skill. I consider this my biggest goal, I’ve accomplished in my life. I appreciate it more as I wasn’t fortunate enough to have parents that could solely pay for everything from lessons, tests to the actual car. I have nothing against the individuals who do have this. In my opinion, I appreciate what I have more, because I worked for it. During this past year I have learnt a lot.

One of the things I’ve learnt is that I don’t enjoy driving. I thought while I was learning that I’d love the freedom of being able to drive and it is freeing. I will drive when I need too, that doesn’t bother me. But at the same time it’s beyond stressful. At times it feels like anyone’s way on the road, and I’ve noticed a lot of selfish drivers on the road. Road rage is a very real feeling.

It has given me access to be able to do things I never thought I could. I can now travel to photo shoots, gain inspiration for new blog posts, shopping in the city centre and pageants… etc… No more relying on public transport. Also I can now travel to work, and travel back safely after late night shifts. My car is like my own personal space. I love buying treats for my car, from adorable air fresheners to stickers.

I also love my car. I’ve had a lot of comments about my car, mainly on how I can afford it. The answer is that I work damn hard, to be able to afford my car myself. I own a 2013 Ford Fiesta in silver. It has practicality with its five doors, and a decent size boot space. Ready for when the boyfriend and I move into the children stage of our relationship. Being able to keep the same car for years, without worrying about needing another car in the future.

My future car goals is a Mustang. Everyone close to me, knows how much I’m in love with the beauty of those cars. There’s always a post every now and then on my instagram: rebeccaklxo.



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