A Cure For Wellness: Film Review.

I’m actually excited to be finally able to do this review. I was going to write this review back on Saturday, but due to the most infuriating cinema going experience, I missed chunks of the film. So I couldn’t do a well rounded review missing chunks of the film. So this called for a second viewing. Being a huge horror fan, and knowing that this would be Gore Verbinski’s first horror film in 15 years. With The Ring in 2002, being so well made, this made for high hopes. MyΒ first look at the trailer was sent to me on facebook, by my mother. A Cure For Wellness is rated an 18.

This film isn’t really a horror, more of a psychological thriller. The plot is confusing if you are not investing all your time to the film. In my opinion the film plays on interesting premises, such as immortality, disease, health and mental wellbeing. As well as being a visually spectacular movie. It’s a beautifully made film. The cast and crew done a phenomenal job. Dane DeHaan has done a fantastic job as the lead actor, with his portrayal of a workaholic wall street broker. Definitely one to watch out for. Mia Goth did a great job as Hannah. Even with such a serious matter at the end of her part, with the incest rape matter.

It has it’s twist and turns, but It always kept me hooked. I’ll totally watch it again! Definitely my favourite film of this genre so far of 2017.

Let me know what you thought of this film through twitter. I do highly recommend this film to all.


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