Assassin’s Creed: Film Review

I would like to start this post by saying I am a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed games. Although I hold a not so popular opinion that the original trilogy of games, the one with Altair and Ezio, to me are the true Assassin’s games. I see any of the games that came after are just there to make money. Because of this viewpoint I was extra sceptical about the movie.

I’m also not a fan of Michael Fassbender, I just really don’t like his face. Saying that he did a good job, though I feel like it’s a shame, that when an actor with great acting skills and a good body, looses the focus on acting when they take their shirt off. Marion Cotillard did a good job, even though the relationship vibe near the end was unnecessary.  Jeremy Irons makes a great villain. The best acting in the entirety of the whole film.

The film overall wasn’t bad. Just to me, it wasn’t a great film. The entire film had a mix match part of the games all squashed into the feature. This made it difficult for a fan of the game to watch because I kept just piecing the references to the other games. The special effects were on top of it’s game. The fighting sequences was my favourite personal highlight from the film. I also think the fairly dark death penalty scene, isn’t suitable. Although it ends, implying that there could be a sequel. Just another film to make money in my opinion.

If there’s any opinions you’ve had while viewing this film, tweet me.


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