My Top 5 Etsy Stores.

I’m a huge supporter of small businesses. This is why Etsy is one of my favorite online stores to use. It’s full of many unique, hand crafted items. Anything from clothing, jewellery to home decor and creative related supplies. To me this is the perfect site to get various gifts for the seasons, whether that be birthdays or christmas. Here’s my little classified group of stores I like using, that you should check out.

Galych WoodWorks. Website: <- This store is filled with beautifully crafted items, from handbags, bowties to beer mugs and jewellery boxes. All made in Ukraine.

Vutiq Apparel. Website: <- This store specializes in women’s lingerie. All hand made with beautiful lace in various styles. Bralettes in many different colours. From the US.

Blushes and Gold. Website: <- This store is filled with beautiful pieces of jewellery. Made in New York City. All necklaces are handmade. Plus this is my favourite shop name, so elegant sounding.

BikiniBoo. Website: <-  This is the right place to be, if your looking for beautiful swimwear. The store is based in Newcastle upon tyne. I love the swimsuits and to me a swimsuit goals. Beautiful floral patterns.

Batoriii. Website: <- Anyone close to me, know my obsession with stationary. Batoriii has some of the most beautiful handmade notebooks, some of them tea stained. I wish I had a whole office full.

A varied range of items from all the stores I’ve included above. All of which have been such beautifully crafted by hand. I will do this again monthly to showcase new etsy stores. If you have an etsy store, tweet me with your store link. @RebeccaKLxo


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