Going into 2023…

What a roller-coaster of a year 2022 was. It brought some amazing memories, from spending 5 weeks in Melbourne, Australia (May – July), to starting a decent contracted job (July). Finding the strength to leave a toxic relationship and running my little flat alone. Surviving my first single Christmas in 9 years, as well as surviving a double chest infection, the week before Christmas. Deciding to go back to studying, while working.

2023 is going to be the start of the rest of my life. I’m going to actively get myself out of debt. As well as sitting down and creating saving plans, for a variety of occasions, i.e. house deposits, holiday funds, emergency/saving funds. These will be a lot more effective after getting out of debt. Each of these plans are 4 years long. So when I take stock of where I am in 5 years’ time. I suppose this is because of my huge feeling of failure, I’ve had wasting my 20’s as 2023 will be my last year as I turn 29 in October (2023).

I will be building a 5 year mood board, so I can stay inspired and on track.

Dating went badly, I am far too traumatized. But I am happy coming to terms with forever being single, and making a fun and comfortable life for me and my son. It turns out you can be treated badly for years, but still try to hold on to the dream life.

Just a few small words from my thoughts as we go into the new year!

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