November = A New Challenge

November 2019 what’s been a quiet month for my blog. But it has been very hectic in my real life. A very challenging month.

This month I took on a new challenge. A whole new job/career started. After feeling burnt out in my previous job, I decided to leave the health and social care environment. The end of October I went to an open day, at Tesco Distribution Centre, to look around, and ended in a job interview. I went in open minded, not expecting anything. Learnt more about warehousing, and my new job title; Warehouse Operative.

I did an intense week, Monday – Friday training and learning the job, learning the equipment and everything. Including the way it works. I met some also new starters which made the week fly by.

Last week I started by myself, still learning a lot on the job, but I’m getting there, though it’s a very physical job.

I’m enjoying it so far. I’m actually a lot happier now. I’ll check in, in a few months, see how I am.

Happy in uniform selfie.


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