Smashing my Insta goal for 2021.

I still cannot believe that I have absolutely smashed my Instagram goal for 2021, literally on Christmas Eve Eve. And I could not be happier about hitting the nano influencer level of Instagram.

Now I only noticed in the last week that I was 15 followers off of 1K so I thought it would be amazing to end the year at 1K. Especially as January 2022, I would have had my Instagram account for 10 years! I opened my account back when the platform was still a baby. And I was 17 years old. My very first post was of socks.

Very first post – 12/01/2012

Now you maybe thinking we’ll that’s almost 10 years to get 1K followers. However I have never bought any followers ever. I have so much pride in having an organic following. I have a broad but niche account, which I very much pride myself on.

Now I use Instagram as my main link to this blog! I love it, the image and visual content you can create and share. It’s something that’s both personal and visually appealing.

I am not sure what my 2022 insta goal will be, I’ll likely aim for 1.5K by 2023. But I am in no hurry, I will enjoy this accomplishment in all its glory. You can follow me there via this link. To also watch me grow firsthand! Join me as I use 2022 to grow personally, and professionally witch my content creating and blogging!



Avon: My Online Store.

I’ve followed the rise in Avon since my teens. Now I’m a full time mum to my 6 month old son, I feel like this would be the perfect time to start this venture. It’s flexibility is perfect to fit around my hectic life as a mother. Avon now leads since the bankruptcy of Kleeneze.

I will be linking my blog, social media etc with Avon, to help share the amazing quality beauty and products with my readers. I will also work on some review videos too, and build youtube up a bit to share video reviews of products.

The new online store gives me a more worldwide reach.  Please do check it out and support my new venture, by placing an order. You can get it delivered directly to you.

I’ll re link all my social media accounts below here too. So you can follow them all and follow my progress with this venture. Please do pop a subscribe over on my new youtube channel and turn on post notifications. I’m currently working on the first 2 videos.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.


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