Diary entry/My thoughts

It’s not been a good month, and Christmas will be very shit, however hopefully coming to the New Year will be much better. A girl can hope, but after at least 4 years of being extremely unhappy, and never taken seriously. There is a breaking point.

It’s even scarier the thought of restarting over, and my god will it be at least years before I’m ready for anything else. My main priority is my son. Especially since I now have to give up my dream career, because I just cannot focus on it.

The lack of care, has really gotten to me though, but shows right decision I have ever made.

At what point do you stop crying yourself to sleep? Also when’s appropriate to get rid of all photos? Asking for a friend?

“Maybe you have to know the darkness, before you appreciate the light.”

Madeline L’Engle

Just a little update, so all future posts may be a little later.

These posts include: NYC and Lapland Letters.

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