Positive Future Clothing ✨

During the bleakness of this pandemic, we are currently in as of today. It inspired me to do a fun little venture. I stumbled across a great site called Teemill. This is a store hosting site. I explored more, and then birthed my idea, Positive Future Clothing ✨

Along with my mum, Victoria we created Positive Future Clothing. An ethical, sustainable brand with thoughtful unique designs, supporting a range of topics. Not only do we do clothing for all, but we also do prints and tote bags. I’ll include some pictures here with a few designs I’d like to showcase. You can view the full store here.

No Planet B tee.

No Planet B Tee – This is available in a few colours. A simple tee with slogan on. This is available for women, men and children in a variety of sizes.

Adopt not Shop Collection

Adopt not Shop collection – This is available in clothing or as a tote bag. A cute design advocating to adopt pets instead of buying them. available in a variety of colours and sizes.

A variety of prints.
A variety of tote bags.

Tote bags and Prints – A variety of designs available in both sections of the store. From the ones pictured, to a few abstract ones. There’s something for everyone.

We are also looking for bloggers and brand ambassadors to work with. So let me know of interest and I can email our PR opportunity. Thank you for supporting our sustainable clothing brand.

Social Media Links-

Store: http://www.positive-future.teemill.com
Facebook page: Facebook.com/positive.futureclothing
Facebook VIP group: Positive Future Clothing ✨
Twitter: @positivefuturex
Instagram: @positive.futureclothing #positivefutureclothing

~Rebecca & Victoria


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice review.

I finally got to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I must admit I had a few sceptical thoughts, while the film was in production; firstly Jesse Eisenberg casted as Lex Luthor, secondly Ben Affleck as batman. Then the list of bad reviews from critics.

But I loved the film. Jesse Eisenberg nailed the portrayal of Lex Luthor.
Ben Affleck nailed a portrayal of a brooding batman. He got compared a lot to Christian Bale’s batman, but Zack Snyder took a different approach then Christopher Nolan.
There was a small issue I had with batman, where he wasn’t able to fit properly in the fight scenes, but that was just where the suit was panels of armour, on top of a already bulked up body. It’s just a simple case of too much weight affecting his movement.

I just can’t wait for all the follow up movies and the Justice League films!