Did I just produced and starred in my own horror?

I am not sure whether it’s a blessing or not, being able to vividly remember what happens in dreams/nightmares.

This is about the one I had last night. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare though. I watch way too many horror films for fun, to get nightmares.

And I believe this is why my mind has started producing these mini ones in my head. I have no idea if it’s based on a film, if you read it and it sounds familiar please do let me know! I’m kinda intrigued.

Starts off being pretty simple me and a group of friends, walking back through a parking lot, pretty vague I know. This is after exploring halls of a basement/cave type of environment with tunnels, seeing a girl trapped in the tunnel. But then cuts to me being in a library, a dark creepy library with cages and cages of books. I wasn’t able to do something with some books, so asked the librarian. And she gave me a thing of keys and key fobs, and sent me to get a shallow tray, from near where we explored. Weird I know cause there was no librarian with us when we explored first.

If your still with me, it gets weirder… so I go through the door in search of a shallow book tray, I come across the same trapped girl and let her free, then find the tray and leave the tunnels. Again no librarian insight.

Then it becomes like an it follows type of thing with people following me, and then crowds me and then the trapped feeling and blacks out. Come around in a sleep paralysis type of consciousness, faced with the same librarian mad I freed the girl, and see snippets of these doll legs, reminiscent of a cabbage patch doll. During in and out of blackouts, then coming through in a weird consciousness where my sight and brain is like in tack, but I can’t move, can’t speak, and seemingly turned into a doll.

I’m sure if anyone else had that it’d be a nightmare but I’m just sat here thinking what the hell did I just dream? Hence the title of this post.



FIlm Review: halloween kills🎃

It’s been a little quiet around here, because seven days ago I became pretty ill, which was suspected Covid virus. However after a very bad morning, and several consultations and negative Covid tests later, I was diagnosed with a pneumonia based chest infection. Safe to say the few days following that, and starting medication has been proper rough…

That being said, you best be damned if you think I will be missing my second favourite horror icon, Michael Myers. So Tuesday night, I donned a face mask, and met with my ex-colleague friend for our horror movie date night at the local cinema. Also I was armed with snacks and drink. I was a women with a plan, if I’m eating or drinking, I can’t be coughing. Sound logic right. I can tell you know, It worked but with a backfire, the intense urge to use the bathroom, which I wasn’t prepared to do. Possible spoiler warning going forward.

As always Halloween Kills is a classic as always. I thought it would be a great closing to a spectacular franchise. I genuinely thought this was going to be closure on Michael Myers. Also I have to say Jamie Lee Curtis’s acting in this is so realistic it’s scary. The fear and desperation in her eyes at the beginning, cuts your soul. It answered some questions, it doesn’t answer one question I personally noticed. But that’s fine because it gives me the excuse for a Halloween movie marathon day and night, so I can find my own answers. I went through an emotional rollercoaster as a viewer. A scene where they’re chasing the obvious wrong person, was so frustrating to view. In my head I was shouting, “IT’S NOT MICHEAL”.

I was especially pleased to see that the firefighter scene was in and it was an epic scene. If you haven’t seen there was a news post from some individuals who wanted this scene taken out because of ‘offence’. All I have to say to that is snowflakes. I can’t imagine this film without this scene. In my opinion it is a key scene, I do have family in the fire service, and like I said I was not offended by this scene, because it is a fictional horror FILM. The scene has a purpose, to prove Michael Myers doesn’t care who you are, he will kill you. This scene totally proves it.

The ending though… I must say was great, although knowing it was not the same original ending. Makes me really wonder what the original ending is like. I really want to know! That being said, the ending that I did saw I thought was great. A perfectly open ended closure to the movie, leaving the viewer (especially me) hoping for another film.

Have you seen Halloween Kills? What did you think? Thank you for reading my film review. What should I review next?


A little Serial… 🖤

A Collaboration with Photowall.

As for many of us in the UK, head into a third lockdown. Being stuck inside at home, could be a chance to re-evaluate our home style, maybe even redecorate a little. Could you be looking for a pop of colour, a nature scene, or maybe looking for a statement wall for your children’s bedroom.

Luckily for you, Swedish company photowall have something for everyone. All amazing quality and price too. Plus a speedy delivery, I received my package within a few days. Although I know I ordered a hanging print.

As a horror fan, I took this opportunity to order a horror print. My all time favourite horror film, will always be the Texas chainsaw massacre.

Leather Face 🖤

I had the time of my life when my parcel was delivered. It was big. Almost my big K2SO Star Wars poster (from the cinema) big. I ordered 100cm x 140cm leather face print. On paper I didn’t think this was going to be that big.

Sizing up the job 😆

It came essentially flat packed, but included everything needed to hang it. Even the small detail of a nail. The instructions were clear and concise, certainly easy to follow. I found the most time consuming activity was threading the hanging thread onto the wooden top frame. That was one fiddly job. But it looks so good, I’m beyond happy with it!

Instructions 👍

I hung it in the hallway, to get an idea of it hanging, and the size. I hugely overestimated the size. It is now safely stored ready for when I move into my own place, so I can display it then with pride.

Hallway Hanging… 😅

If you like what you see, I encourage you to see their site link for yourself. And pick yourself up a cheeky little lockdown bargain. It’ll brighten your day!

If this inspires you to do a little injection of updating your home. I would love to see your purchases. Tag me on social media, @rebeccaklxo on Twitter and insta. With hashtag #rebeccaklxoxphotowall

I can’t wait to see your posts. Thank you for supporting and reading this post.


Parting ways.

It’s very much like the saying ‘Always a bridesmaid, never the bride’ or being a fly on the wall.

A community that’s very much just way too cliquey. Certainly very ripe with favouritism.

I always push through all the negative mental health after every competition. Always feeling confident, despite the barrage of not good enough, not confident enough, not flattering for myself at all. No one likes you.

It’s always a constant battle, and one I’m losing at that. I’m done making myself feel shit, trying to pursue something I thought I was good at. It’s also one that I do not wish upon my son, or possible future children.

I don’t know why I do it to myself, but I will be fixing that. As rewarding it is to help charities, it’s also hard when you work so hard, and it’s never recognised. At all, it’s truly soul crushing.

That being said, my son will be keeping one pageant commitment until it’s over then after that, we’re both retiring.

Looking forward it’s all about my education and educational goals.


A stylish addiction. 👗🌸

Just my experience, Not Sponsored by Stitch Fix. All clothes here fit a size 18.

Much like many mums, I have been living in either work uniform or pjs, for the past 3 years +, I also have no idea how to style my body right, especially after feeling 100% unattractive lately. I thought I should do something about it.

I stumbled upon a site called Stitch Fix. Its no ordinary subscription service. You set up your style profile, with your size, budget and preferences. And then every fix, contains a few handpicked items from your stylist. You can set how often you receive these. I set my one to every three months. However there’s options from weekly, monthly, bimonthly and every three months.

When your fix arrives, it comes with an invoice, telling you about the picks and their prices in stores. As well as a cute little introductions from your stylist, and outfit suggestions. You simply try on, and review on your account. Any items you’d like to keep, you pay for. And then you return the rest back in the same box with a prepaid label. All free of charge. The stylist fee is automatically deducted, from what you buy, and if you choose to buy the whole box, they deduct 20% from the total.

My first invoice.

Upon first impressions, I was impressed, though unsure about the fit. I received 2 dresses, 2 tops and a pair of jeans. Now I filled in my sizes, I don’t know what my jean size is. So was sure this pair of jeans, wasn’t going to fit. The dresses had a spotty theme, and the tops; one a burgundy wrap style top, the other one, a dark green batwing sweater. These styles are meant to compliment an hourglass figure.

My cute introduction.

I tried everything on, and I was surprised by the immediate confidence boost I felt. For a change I wasn’t in baggy clothes, and jeans that barely fit. My first big shock was that these jeans, they sent, fit me like a glove. They was a nice cut, though not tight. Similar to my usual skinny jeans. I also tried on a black and pink spots tea dress, which was very flattering. It was a great feminine take on my usual alternative style.

I tried on the second dress, a navy and white spotty wrap dress. I love the idea of a wrap dress, being able to choose my waistline. However this particular dress, didn’t fall right on my body. The jersey material felt heavy, and was shorter at the back then the front. Due to how it fell over my rear. In terms of the tops, I loved the colours. And I liked the style of the burgundy top. Both felt nice on too, in my size. However I am not a batwing style kind of girl.

Safe to say, I purchased the jeans and the tea dress, as a treat to myself. I reviewed the box online, and sent back the others easily and completely free. I’m also super excited to see what is in my next Stitch Fix Box. I recommend it and they have a section for men’s too. Suitable for all. Check out this link for more information.


3 films in 3 days 🎥

This weekend I’ve had the most packed weekend ever. And as the title suggests, yes three trips to the cinema this weekend, to watch three very different films. Just this weekend, a horror, an action comedy and a children’s film.

Friday night, I met up with my friend, I made whilst I worked in a cinema. We often watch horror movies in the cinema together, as we both love horror films. We watched The Grudge. A classic story, remade again. I love the Japanese original, so this was interesting. I found it to be a lot of gore, the story was well written but predictable, and maybe one two many jump scares. However in my opinion, I got most the way through the film, and I found myself thinking, please end. It was a little drawn out, but any horror film, Sam Raimi is associated with, is worth a watch, at least once in my opinion.

Saturday night, I watched The Gentleman. I never saw much about this beforehand, so went in completely blinded. I only knew there’d be good eye candy in it. Charlie Hunnam of course. If a film has the before mentioned celebrity in, I will watch it. That being said, this film wasn’t what I thought it was, but it was an excellent example of storytelling. But it’s not a film for today’s snowflake society. It did contain a lot of slurs, but it fitted the gritty feel of the movie. If they removed them, the movie would not be a good film. However, Hugh Grant should probably stick to romcoms. I would watch this again.

Sunday morning, I took my son, Jackson to watch a film containing his two favourite things: Race Cars and Paw Patrol. We watched Paw Patrol: Ready, Race, Rescue. This is definitely a good day out, with children. It’s not too long a movie, just a slightly longer paw patrol episode really. It also comes with a sneak peak of a new series which will be starting on the Nick Jr channel.

Have you been watching any films this weekend? I’d love to hear about them, via social media. I’m always looking for Netflix movie recommendations also. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog.


Family Outing: Windmill Hill City Farm.

As Jackson is now 10 months old, and a lot more inquisitive of the world around him. I thought it’d be a good idea to take him to a local farm. Ideally I would of took him to visit a proper working farm, but time and money was not on our side.  Instead while we was searching for somewhere, suitable for our son, we stumbled across Windmill Hill City Farm, located in Bedminster, Bristol. This city farm is a registered charity, so it relies solely on the communities generosity. This makes it a perfect outing for families, as entry isn’t a set fee. You donate what you can afford.

I loved how interactive the farm was from reading about it, from the play area for children, to buying animal food in the gift shop, to feed the various farm animals. You could even stroke and pet the farm animals. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of hand sanitizer around the farm, plus toilet facilities near the central hub. The central hub is the centre of the farm, and is home to the café, play area, and toilets.

This was our first ever visit to the city farm. Jackson was excited to see more animals. He loves the cats and dogs, various family pets. At the city farm, Jackson got to see many farm animals including; Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Cows, Chickens and Geese. I’ll include some pictures from the day. But I didn’t take much, as we just enjoyed the day, and made memories.

All in all, it was a fun day out and helped us spend some time together as a family. We’ll be back in the future.

Enjoy these photos of a happy little boy, taken during our visit.




Future Dream Car

Anyone who follows my social media, mainly my twitter and Instagram, would know my dream car is a Ford Mustang.  If your close to me, then you’ll no my strong views between the V8 Mustang and the eco boost one. If your new here, then I’ll elaborate further on that… My view is that if your going to buy an American muscle car, then you buy the V8 ‘proper one’ not the eco boost engine one. Please remember this is just my opinion.

So what’s the best way to spend my free time, then to build my dream car online. I used Ford’s website, and chose my dream car, Mustang to create. Here you can pick from body types, engines, transmissions, to the interior and the colour of paint on the car. It is a fun thing to do to kill some time online. 

The mustang I chose: I started off with the fastback body type. I very much preferred this over the convertible.  I also chose the 5 litre, V8 engine, with an automatic gearbox. To me, this seemed the most obvious pick. I feel like an automatic gearbox, would be easier in a 10 speed. I kept the interior classic black.  On this specified one, I changed the colour to magnetic, which costs extra. I’m open to this or just black. I feel like it looks badass in these dark colours. I also decided that I would get climate controlled seats as an optional extra. It’s my dream car why not go all out and get fancy heated seats.

If you happen to kill some time by making up your dream cars, I’d love to see them, via Twitter (@RebeccaKLxo) or in the comments.


The London Edit.

With the possibility of maybe visiting London again in the fall. I’d thought it’d be fitting to write a blog post about places I’d love to visit, while in the beautiful capital city, of my home country. I’ve visited London on a few occasions, mainly before I started my blog, so I never noticed before how many beautiful places the city has.

It’s basically a London Wishlist of places I would love to visit, but realistically couldn’t ever afford to visit all in one trip.  I’ll include the places Instagram names, so you can see how beautiful or unique these places are.

Peggy Porschen Bakery – peggyporschenofficial

This is the cutest little bakery, I have ever seen. Plus their cakes look just divine, and way too pretty to eat. I’d love to sample every cake on their menu, but that amount of sugar could probably make me feel sick. But it would be totally worth it. Pastel pink décor makes it the perfect girly café hang out.

Tonight Josephine – tonightjosephine

What I would do for a fun night out at Tonight Josephine? The beautiful décor and neon lights, really do have me swooning at this place. It’d be a fun night to just through a little black dress on, and party. I’m also going to add to my personal bucket list, to have a picture with the infamous ‘Well Behaved Women Don’t Make History’ neon sign. Their cocktails also look colourful and tasty.

Elan Café – elan_cafe

I mean the nice pastel pinks, flower walls and picture perfect coffee and cake. I can’t think of any reason why Elan Café wouldn’t be on my list. I’m always so envious when I see pictures posted. I dream of the day I could take a photo in front of their legendary flower wall.

The Shard – theshardlondon

Who doesn’t wish to see the views from The Shard? This really has many components to it. I’d love to stay in the hotel, and feel like royalty. I’d love to dress up with my partner and dine in any one of their restaurants, ideally with a view tableside. Even have a nice cocktail evening in one of their bars.

Palm Vaults – palmvaults

Another beautiful café on this list. The cakes also look very tasty. I also love the fact this is a dog friendly café. I feel like more places should be dog friendly. I also enjoy the idea of Palm Vaults being a no laptop zone. I’m sure the break from screen time would be lovely, to see a café not filled with workaholics and their laptops.

Snog Frozen Yogurt Bus – ifancyasnog

I’m going to shorten this to the Snog Bus. This is located at the Southbank Centre. The pink London bus which serves frozen yogurt, is on my list, because it’s quirky and new. I also love frozen yogurt so much, that I would love to try it on a pink London bus. I love that frozen yogurt is a great guilt free treat, perfect for the summer.

The Ritz London – theritzlondon

This luxury 5* hotel is on my list, because it would be a dream come true, to pretend to be a princess and have afternoon tea here. To be amongst the opulence and grand rooms. I’d imagine it can make anyone feel like a celebrity walking around this grand hotel. Th gold tones just add to the royalty feel.

Winter Wonderland- winterwonderldn

This one really applies to the end of the year.  I’ve seen all over Instagram, the beautiful Christmas pictures people take attending this Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. The ultimate place to feel the festive spirit, with all the bright Christmas lights and mulled cider. This seems like the happiest place on earth.

There’s actually a load more places I’d love to visit, but I’d be here all year, listing them all. I hope one day, I can visit all these places on my London bucket list. Where’s somewhere in London, you’d love to visit? I’d love to here your London locations.