a special december delivery.

*In partnership with Lapland Letters*

While I was away in NY, Jackson had a special little delivery. This year, as he is now 4 years old, he is very much all in the Christmas spirit. Which is ironic since the home at the moment is pretty bah humbug, for personal reasons.

So this little parcel came, brightened Jackson’s day! Jackson was so pleased to receive a Christmas is coming letter from Santa!. Which included a cute activity pack too, which Jackson has absolutely loved doing with me. Including making wish baubles, and a letter writing prompt to mail back to Santa. A great addition was a pack of reindeer food, which has been added into Jackson’s Christmas Eve box.

The coolest thing about this, is that the service is totally customisable, and personalized to each individual child. And for a limited time, you could receive an early bird offer, which includes the same activity pack that we received.

We are beyond pleased with the quality and attention detail. And fully highly recommend adding this into your own festivities, especially if you have children!

Visit: https://www.laplandletters.co.uk/index.htm Utilize you’re direct access to Santa’s workshop in Lapland.

~RebeccaKLxo & Jackson x

Malignant : Film Review ðŸŽž

*I suggest watching the film yourself, before reading my review, SPOILERS warning*

I stumbled across the move trailer for this horror film on Facebook. Lately, I’ve been enjoying scrolling through the videos on Facebook and the reels on Instagram. As a fan of James Wan directed horror films, I had high hopes for Malignant.

Like every trailer, I always assume and/or think that it won’t be out for a while, at 6 months or so. So when my friend texted me saying it was out, when shall we go a see it. I jumped on this opportunity. I just had to watch it. My initial thoughts after viewing the trailer, was positive. I thought the premise was unique. I also feel James Wan is a director/producer you either love or hate. I happen to love his movies.

After viewing, and even a few nights later as I write this, I’m still thinking about the premise of this film. At first I thought it was going to be centred around ghosts. Boy was I wrong. Even while watching, I never picked up the plot until it was explained in film. Then I could understand and see it. I never noticed the connections between the characters and locations. Like I never would of known the devil character was in the attic, not the sewers like I thought.

Now I have watched a lot of horror films, too many to count. And I was impressed by this unique and never before done story it told. I will be one to re watch this movie again in the future. If you are a fellow James Wan fan, I for sure recommend seeing the Malignant movie.

Boy did I miss writing these short film reviews. Have you guys missed reading them? Shall I start writing ones for Netflix films too? I also welcome films to watch suggestions.

As always, thank you for reading!


If I won the lottery… ðŸ’­ðŸ’­ðŸ’­

What would you do if you won the lottery prize?


A rhetorical question, that I no doubt think every individual would of thought about at least a few times in their lifetime. I know I do at least weekly. Or far too many times despite not really doing the lottery myself.

I partake in the lottery occasionally but not obsessively. I use the very simple app, which is very easy to use and great because you can set limits etc. This is by no means an ad or sponsorship, just an app I rarely use in my life. I’d love to take this moment to say, how important it is, to gamble responsibly whether you are 16 or 21+ (the legal age in the UK is 16 to do the lottery).

Most often I daydream about how I would spend spend the money, if I was ever so lucky. Here is my lowdown of how I would spend such money. This would apply to the lottery draws like the national lottery draw and the euro millions, not the draws like set for life, or huge cash prizes on scratch cards.

  1. Firstly I would set up to half the grand total back into a savings bank account. The idea behand this is to make to make the money last, and passively build up over time, with a good interest rate.
  2. Secondly, I would put at least a couple of thousand back into a trust fund type of account for my son. This would also build up over time, and create a financial peace of mind, so I wouldn’t hugely have to stress about making sure my son is set, for future endeavours.
  3. Thirdly, I would pay off all my outstanding debts in one go. I won’t divulge how much manageable debt I have, but I would always use any lottery winnings to settle these debts, between educational loans, personal finances, credit cards etc.
  4. Furthermore, either a chunk of money would be used as a house deposit at least. Or I would buy a modest house outright for me and my son, this would be at least 3 bedrooms, with a garage, driveway, garden and a downstairs washroom. I wouldn’t choose to spend like millions, as I’d be conscious of running and additional house related costs.
  5. I’d split a chunk of about £300k to gift to family, most going to my mum, but also to give a couple of thousand to my sister, brother and nan. In order to help support them and show my gratitude of how much they’ve helped myself.

The above would be the priority decisions I would make. Of course all while still working whichever job I am employed in at the time of a lucky win. Additionally the next list, is five things I would treat or spoil myself with left over winnings after splitting money for my priority list.

  1. Firstly, I would for sure by my dream car. I have wrote about my dream car in the past, I will link it here for you guys to visit and see. I would still by this second hand, but it would be a dream come true to own one.
  2. Secondly, I’d invest a couple of hundred back into my blog. This would help support turning my blog into a full time career, I dream to have, or at least a little side passive income.
  3. Thirdly, I’d donate a couple of hundred to a few charities, mainly the ones myself and my son support regularly in our pageant journeys, such as Mind, Cancer Research UK and The Salvation Army. I will link these charities to the bottom of this post, should you want to visit.
  4. Next I would invest in a little shopping spree and overhauling my wardrobe. A lot of my style is dated, much is band tees and skinnies, like the stereotyped ‘millennial’ style.
  5. Lastly, I would book a few holidays of course financial dependent. I would for sure work on a plan to travel the world, as safely and maybe twice a year. Not necessarily all luxury 5 star experiences and hotels, maybe the odd one, but I wouldn’t largely splurge.

As always, I appreciate it if you’ve read this far into my blog content. I’d love to know in comments here or via twitter or instagram something you would buy if you won the lottery.

Charity Links:

Thank you for reading ~ RebeccaKLxo

Blissful Nights 😴

Bedtime Bliss UK approached me to trail one of their products. Which I was super excited to do. They sent me out their bedtime bliss eye mask to trail. Now I’ve had a lot of unsuccessful past eye mask adventures in the past, so much so I had lost all faith in them, to the point where I stopped buying.

I trailed this mask for 7 nights, once it arrived. It came in the cutest, daintiest packaging, which I wasn’t expecting. Simple but straight to the point. The mask is made from foam, and has an ergonomic design, designed to fit comfortably on the face, with an elastic band to keep it fastened around the back of your head. This helps keep the eye mask in place, for sleepers who move around in their sleep.

Their black out quality also is helpful. Especially for those individuals who have partners who wake up earlier then them, and just throw the bedroom light on. Wearing this eye mask there is no interruptions with light, to your sleep. My week I spent using this product, was the best week’s sleep, I’ve ever had.

I recommend this item so much, I’ll include the link here, so you guys can see the product for yourself. It’s a reasonable price, but in my opinion it’s worth it. Let me know your thoughts.