Post V day haul: Sainsburys 💝

So on my little trip to my local Sainsbury’s, I thought he why not check out the valentines stuff the day after, V Day. When you’ve been in a relationship as long as 6 years, valentines day loses its gimmick. Plus theres way too much pressure, and also way too expensive, for little items, such as pens and small teddies. So imagine my happiness with the post V day reductions. I got something to cover all bases; gifts for her, him and the gals.

Gifts for her.

Novelty dog teddy: £2.50 – cute medium sized dog teddy, with heart ears headband. Full priced estimate £8.00.

Grey Throw: £1.50 – grey fleece throw, love xo and hearts printed. Full price £8.

Blanket & Teddy

Gifts for him.

Male Grooming Kit: £4.00 – leather grooming bag, filled with a few beard grooming products and comb. Full priced £12.00

Grey Mug: 50p – grey ceramic mug, ‘I can’t believe we’ve tolerated each other for so long’ printed. Full price £2.00

Mug & Grooming Products

Gifts for the girls.

Tote bag: £1.00 – simple tote bag, so over it printed. Full price £5.00.

Tote Bag

There was many other items left, just too many to choose from. The above were just my picks for the haul. Certainly a smart idea if your saving money for big things like house deposits or weddings. Many items for Galentines too, even party decorations so you can celebrate this with your girl friends. Amazing how things of changed.

If you’ve enjoyed this, let me know, I’ll do more post holiday/season hauls.