Dream Photo Shoots with Celebrities: Part 1

I was going to be a numbered list, but I couldn’t pick a number one. If I ever get the chance to do a photoshoot with any of these celebrities, I’d of made it in my dream of being a model. But I’m sensible enough to know, that it’s extremely unlikely to ever happen.

A girl can dream though right ?!



Norman Reedus – The Walking Dead.

I’m the biggest Daryl Dixon fan, and a die hard The Walking Dead fan. I just feel that a photo-shoot with Norman Reedus would be on badass shoot, regardless of whether it’s as a portrayal of Daryl, or just as his pretty shy awkward self. I just imagined it’d be really fun.





Ed Westwick – Gossip Girl.

As having seen, Gossip Girl like a billion times and coming to the conclusion that my favourite character, is Chuck Bass. Doing a classy, sophisticated editorial spread with Ed Westwick would be insane. Why not want to do an editorial spread with a handsome guy?!


  Ben Affleck – Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Being a big DC fan, I was excited and sceptical for the new batman. However, I saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and my god Ben Affleck got hot! REgardless of the photoshoot be when he’s in character of the brooding Bruce Wayne, or just as himself. It’ll be a fun imagined photo shoot.

I also realize that this will be too big a post for the full list, so stay tuned for future instalments. Three celebrities per installment.