Did I just produced and starred in my own horror?

I am not sure whether it’s a blessing or not, being able to vividly remember what happens in dreams/nightmares.

This is about the one I had last night. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare though. I watch way too many horror films for fun, to get nightmares.

And I believe this is why my mind has started producing these mini ones in my head. I have no idea if it’s based on a film, if you read it and it sounds familiar please do let me know! I’m kinda intrigued.

Starts off being pretty simple me and a group of friends, walking back through a parking lot, pretty vague I know. This is after exploring halls of a basement/cave type of environment with tunnels, seeing a girl trapped in the tunnel. But then cuts to me being in a library, a dark creepy library with cages and cages of books. I wasn’t able to do something with some books, so asked the librarian. And she gave me a thing of keys and key fobs, and sent me to get a shallow tray, from near where we explored. Weird I know cause there was no librarian with us when we explored first.

If your still with me, it gets weirder… so I go through the door in search of a shallow book tray, I come across the same trapped girl and let her free, then find the tray and leave the tunnels. Again no librarian insight.

Then it becomes like an it follows type of thing with people following me, and then crowds me and then the trapped feeling and blacks out. Come around in a sleep paralysis type of consciousness, faced with the same librarian mad I freed the girl, and see snippets of these doll legs, reminiscent of a cabbage patch doll. During in and out of blackouts, then coming through in a weird consciousness where my sight and brain is like in tack, but I can’t move, can’t speak, and seemingly turned into a doll.

I’m sure if anyone else had that it’d be a nightmare but I’m just sat here thinking what the hell did I just dream? Hence the title of this post.



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