Would you have known? 💚🖤

Trigger Warning

I challenge you to read on, and find the common feature of these photos.

As a part of my journey in pageantry with Miss Mystic Beauty, my platform is suicide awareness and prevention. Because being able to #breakthestigma and just maybe inspire or help someone, just makes it worth while sharing my story.

My story.

I have shared a collection of pictures here, of myself. Through my teen years.
I am no stranger to suicidal thoughts, even to this day. And I’ve opened up about that in a video on my page, during my challenge suicide perception campaign. But what makes these photos special in a different kind of way is. They were all taken on a day where suicide was attempted. 4 different times, 4 different days. 4 brutal attempts as a result of being bullied.

Would you have known that simply looking at these photos, of course not.

Ending this story on a positive note, if 15/16 year old me had of been successful, I wouldn’t be able to drive, I wouldn’t be a parent, I wouldn’t have a love of pageantry and my platform. I wouldn’t of got to be a bridesmaid for the first time. I wouldn’t have my little flat I call home. I wouldn’t have my blog. I wouldn’t now be studying for my dream career.

Point is, no matter how truly difficult it may feel or seem. Opening up, even to a stranger really does make the difference. And my inboxes are always open.💚

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