Open Letter: An example to not settle again.

It’s been 2 weeks, but I need this for closure on my personal level. Nearly 8 years clearly meant nothing to you, but for me, I am grieving the love and life I thought I had. As a girl who never wanted to be a single mother ever, has ironically ended up in this situation. But to use our son as a scapegoat for your actions and behaviour is horrendous.

Yes I had a dating profile, we met on a dating profile for gods sake, and once we became official, I did not think lets log in to delete my account. I just deleted the apps etc. I never logged in, until I was that mentally broken down and lonely in the relationship that I was just looking for talk and speech, nothing else, to feel not as alone. A girl shouldn’t feel like that in a relationship. The difference is intent, I never intended to meet, sleep with or have any romantic relationships. To which I never did, but I very much believe you intended to out of spite. Or Just cause you didn’t want to tell me, you didn’t love me anymore.

It’s worse that you knew, for at least over 2 years. But you never said! If this happened earlier I would not be as heartbroken. Of course I am going to be heartbroken, I was planning on hopefully being a full family, I wanted it all, relationship, baby, engagement, wedding, house, grow old. When we walked around, and was talking about why I wanted to study so we can work on getting a house. When we attended the wedding 2 months ago, and i was talking about our wedding, you agreed, and I thought we was on the same page. Little did I know, you had already moved on to the next girl.

I didn’t want to break up, I just got to breaking point, being so very lonely in our relationship, I just wanted our dates back, and to go back to where we was in love. I told you this, but you wanted to be single. To be honest seeing your lack of complete emotion, like a sociopath, really shows me how much I meant.

That’s just me, a girl with a big heart, that seems to always fall for the dicks in shining armour. Like what is so wrong for wanted to be like so crazy in love, with a partner who genuinely values you, and helps complete my home, with my son. A girl can dream though right.

I know the ex won’t read this, though he has a paper version, so it’s off my chest. But also I hope this serves as a reminder, that no matter how hard, or how dark the storm is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Do not settle for a dick, find your prince charming.


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