💉 Newest Tattoo Addition 💘

Those closest to me knows how much I loved and needed my ‘veritas aequitas’ chest tattoo. It was closure for a very dark past. I have much loved this tattoo. However from moving on from its story I’ve chosen to cover it up.


I went to Savannah Studios, and sent my ideas to them. They suggested Tasha to do my tattoo. I loved her initial mock up of design and there we proceeded. Got all booked in. Always excited when I book tattoos in. This has components like the album cover to my favourite album, which has my favourite song on and my favourite artwork.

Majority finished. I sat a full afternoon session, and got majority of the artwork completed. Still not a tattoo that was completely unbearable. I love getting them done.

Just finished.

Not finished yet, I had the finish appointment booked in, then lockdown 2.0 started so had to reschedule it till January 2021. So long wait, but I’m so happy with it. And that the healing process both physically and mentally. All that needs doing is to even out the components, and depending on how it heals, possibly re do some of the lines.

The current one 🖤



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