One for the history books: Covid-19

Of course I’ll eventually end up somehow documenting this. One blog post during this tome, so I can look back on it in the years to come. Much like a journal post.

I’m 25, and my son is 2. When this pandemic started suddenly end of February 2020. I don’t remember much honestly. I remember keeping my son strictly under rules, for fear that he could catch it.

We both had our birthdays during the pandemic, making for a bleak 26th and 3rd birthday. Also limiting seeing family, especially the more vulnerable grandparents.

I worked in retail from the start of the very first lockdown, and have seen 100s of people not take it seriously, and actually take the piss when shopping.

One thing that’s for sure is the government made it 100 times worse. They have no idea what they are doing. All they’re doing, is what they’re doing the best, wasting millions of pounds.

All my big plans have been postponed, my big holiday to Australia, my first festival experience at Slam Dunk, my first time attending the Curve Fashion Festival.

It’s made for an interesting experience, being a student. Studying my Access to HE pathway course, half online and in the classroom one day a week, socially distanced and in masks.

This year has been an entire level of Jumanji. I really hope somehow the world resets on New Year’s Eve, and we all can have an amazing 2021. A girl can hope.


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