A weight off my shoulders…

Moral of this post, is ALWAYS trust your gut feeling. Or always trust your head.

I have been in a rocky but stable long term 6 year relationship. Though my confidence hasn’t always been 100%, or my trust issues. Which was created by an extremely bad break up, the year before. So bad when you think you’ve found the one, and everything is going great, till he creates numerous arguments. It truly is damaging, being accused of cheating. Especially when you are innocent.

Let’s go back to the year before. The year was 2013. I was in a good relationship, was in it for a year. Loads of train journeys, communication, walks, movie nights. It was good. All good. Even thought we was soulmates, good.

Until the arguments start, more so when he was secretly texting a girl called Emily. Now don’t get me wrong, you can have friends of the opposite sex if completely platonic. But actively hiding messages etc, is shady and first red flag. Then, when I went home to visit my family, the barrage of texts and calls, accusing me of cheating. Now I’m not the one hiding messages. Therefore leading to an abrupt break up.

Years later, 5 years later to be precise, I message his friend, to get my apology to him, so I can heal and move on. Thinking it was all my fault. He told me to back off because my ex and Emily (yes that Emily) was in a happy relationship with 2 kids. I deleted him and the message thinking nothing off it. Seeings the ex had me blocked from the beginning anyway. At least I cleared my conscious.

Follow on to 2 weeks ago, when I saw he finally unblocked me. Now when I was with him, he had a son from a previous relationship. And that was it. Now I know from his friend, he had 2 more kids. He dumped me 6 years ago, accusing me of cheating. He has a 6 year old daughter. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, he knocked up another girl while with me. The same girl he hid texts from.

I messaged him, thanking him for finally lifting this weight off my shoulders. How absolutely disgusted I was, of how he treated me. How the truth always comes out, and my god did a dodge a bullet. How happy I am, with my family, my beautiful son and writing for my blog. Working, now driving, travelling. Just content and finally happy with life.

Without even waiting for his reply, I blocked him. I needed the rant, and weight off my shoulders. And I could not be happier. Always trust your gut instinct. Always.

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