Pure UK Weekend ๐Ÿ‘‘

A couple of weekends ago, we travelled up to Warrington. So Jackson could compete in his first big national pageant, Pure UK. It was a very long and expensive weekend. But was a big deal as this was his first big one at 2 years old. Not only was Jackson so excited when we packed and headed out on our journey from Bristol. It was a total of about 3 and a half hours drive, up the motorway.

However once we checked into Daresbury Park Hotel, and went to our room. Which was a beautiful standard room, felt lovely and roomy with a double bed, and guest bed in. The tv was a little small, though the en-suite was lovely and sizeable. We briefly unpacked, and made use of the on site swimming pool to relax. This was lovely and quiet, and Jackson absolutely loved getting some chilled swim time in. Before an action packed weekend.

We arrived at 2pm Friday. That Friday evening was his registration and meet and greet, with fellow contestants competing that weekend. During this time, he dressed smart in his denim shirt, black jeans with braces. He loved meeting reigning beauty queens, such as Mrs Galaxy UK, and Pure Teen Miss United Kingdom. He also made friends with fellow contestants, and enjoyed the laidback friendly atmosphere. Followed by a buffet style dinner, in the hotelโ€™s restaurant. We enjoyed roast pork with a selection of vegetables and banoffee cheesecake for dessert.

Saturday, was the optional day. The competition for optional Saturday, ie talent, runway, spokesmodel, etc. From the morning, Jackson was dressed in his suit, waistcoat and bow tie. While he walked in the runway competition, he wore jeans and a dinosaur printed shirt. We managed to fit in an extra swim to relax also. Thank god, I packed two swimming costumes for Jackson and I. We enjoyed another meal in the restaurant, and then got Jackson ready for the evening onesie party. Jackson wore his cute monkey onesie for this.

Sunday, the day of the main competition. I organised all of Jacksonโ€™s outfits for the main stage. And we relaxed, took a trip to St Helens, to do a little shopping, a souvenir for Jackson to take home. When we got back, we got ready for the show. And then it started. His outfits for the rounds were; fashion wear, he wore black jeans, blue shirt with dinosaur tie, evening wear, he wore a brown/grey tartan three piece suit, matching trousers, waistcoat and bow tie with a white shirt.

During the main show, Jackson threw a few tantrums. Heโ€™s 2, and hasnโ€™t quite grasped the concept of waiting till his turn. However that disappears when he steps on stage. However this being a big show, with loud music and very bright stage lights, Jackson got overwhelmed. He was very overwhelmed. This showed a little in his walk and attitude. He loved that his introduction included that he wanted to be a future formula one driver.

When crowning came around, Jackson didnโ€™t get anything at all. Which was a shame, but he was overwhelmed. However as parents were very proud of Jackson. That he took part in this experience. We will certainly return back to the Pure UK stage in the future, but not when itโ€™ll be overwhelming for him. We will make that decision in the future.

That being said, Jackson absolutely loved being a part of the pure family. And wish all the winners the best for the future during their reigns. After seeing his official photos by Media Digital Creative, he certainly has a bright future, when heโ€™s older.

Optional Runway Round.
Fashion wear round.
Evening wear Round.


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