Jackson’s return to pageantry.

Jackson started competing in pageantry when he was 4 months old. He has supported many different pageant systems, all over the UK. And we was really busy throughout 2019, attending at least a pageant a month. But we’ve been so very busy, preparing for his first national stage,with Pure UK. but over this last winter period, September 2019 – December 2019, for personal reasons, Jackson took a break from pageant land.

Jackson repping Pure UK.

Before this break, Jackson had competed in at least 10 pageants, which I’ve listed here. I’ve listed these in rough chronological order, including winning places, prizes and awards.

  • Lakeside Catwalk Model, April 2018, at 4 months old. Placed 2nd runner up, Awarded Best Personality and Most Photogenic.
  • Clwydian Beauty, August 2018, at 7 months old. Placed Master Clwydian Beauty 2018, Awarded Best Smile.
  • Miss Royal Beauty, September 2018, at 8 months old, Placed runner up, Awarded Best Personality.
  • Miss Autumn Rose, September 2018 at 8 months old. Placed runner up, Awarded Best Hair.
  • Miss Whit Woo, October 2018, at 9 months old, Placed Tiny Tot Whit Woo winner, Awarded Best Smile, Best Hair, Best Party Wear and Best Evening Wear.
  • Miss/Mr Exquisite UK 2018, November 2018, at 1 years old. Placed 1st runner up, Awarded Most Confident and Best in Fashion.
  • Miss Christmas Rose, December 2018, at 1 years old. Placed 1st runner up, Awarded Best Hair and Best Fashion wear.
  • Miss Emerald Beauty, January 2019, at 1 years old. Placed Mr Emerald Beauty 2019 winner, awarded Best in Party Wear and Best in Evening Wear.
  • American Dream, February 2019, at 1 years old. Placed Runner Up, Awarded Best Hair, Best Smile and Best Dressed.
  • Lakesides Catwalk Model 2019, June 2019, at 1 years old. Placed 1st Runner Up, Awarded Best Personality.
  • Miss Ocean Dream, August 2019, at 1 years old. Placed runner up, Awarded Best Smile.
  • Mia’s Mini Pageant, September 2019, at 1 years old. Placed as the division winner for boys, Awarded Best Dressed, Most Confident, Best Smile and Most Potential.
  • Model of the Year, October 2019, at 1 years old. Placed runner up, Awarded Most Stylish Model of the Year.

Recently, on the 18th January 2020, Jackson made his return. He attended and competed in Miss Ice Queen, at 2 years old, he walked his best guided stage walk, and won the charity crown in his boys section, he received 4 certificates; best hair, most confident, best in evening wear & most potential. He came second.

Through the various pageants he has raised more then £85.45 for various charities including; Ronald McDonald House, Cats Protection, The Salvation Army, Giddo’s Gift, and The Christie… to name a few.

We’re so proud of him, and how much he’s grown up. I love seeing his photos, and he enjoys all the lovely friends and pageant family we’ve met. Next/this coming weekend, is the pure UK finals. We can not wait to share our experience. I will write a separate blog post for Pure UK after the busy weekend is over.

Jackson in his evening wear.

I wonder what the future years will bring to us as a family, within the pageant world.


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