2020 Goals

As 2019 draws near to the end. I’ve had a pretty alright year, but I’m determined to make 2020 the year for my life and blog!

I would focus on making more blog content. Taking more trips, more travel blog posts, more day outs, as a family and as alone. And shooting for the stars but hopefully our first holiday abroad too. But baby steps first.

I’d also like to try and expand into vlogging. I’d love to start vlogging with Jackson. He’s becoming a little character, and would love to capture all our mummy son adventures in video, for him to watch when he grows up.

I’d love to attend more networking events, and blogging conferences. I’ve had some pretty business cards made up, and I would be lovely to make some fellow blogger friends, who could attend further events etc with me.

I’d love to complete my first college course. This is something I would be so proud to complete to gain qualifications to start a career, I’ve been dreaming about. The ability to provide in a fulfilling career for my son, and future family.

The year 2020, I’ll be more body positive. I’ll embrace my shape, size etc. I’ll exercise more, be mindful of how I eat, but not technically diet. I’ll learn to dress myself, so that I feel good about my body.

This coupled with my bucket list I wrote on my birthday, will be my 2020 vision. Let’s check back in, 31st December 2020…


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