The Festival of Light. πŸ•―πŸ–±

The start of a new family tradition. Every winter season, Longleat hosts a festival of light. This runs from approximately November to early January time. Every year they have a different main theme. This year, it was Greek Gods.

This was my first time attending, with my family. And it was amazing. It was nice to see in the light, but once it was darker, the displays were so vibrant and beautiful. The entire evening I was like an excitable child. It was also stimulating, Jackson enjoyed it, especially the Christmas tree light show. The Christmas tree light show was like 15 mins of amazing artistry.

The displays were well informative, and it rekindled my love for Greek mythology, and love of art. The artistry that went into making these displays, to all the lighting, and the sheer size. It really is a must to see. From the main Greek Gods display, to the storytelling of King Midas and Icarus, all the mythical creatures, Day of the dead, the animal kingdom and all the beautiful flowers. There really was something for everyone.


The real star of this show though, was the Christmas tree light show, in the forecourt. It really is something to be seen. Created with thousands, maybe even millions of lights. It created angels, sleighs bells, music notes to name a few. All the rainbow strand fairy lights around the trees in the park. The entirety of the front of this grand house, also covered by a projection. At one point it looked like the house was in Atlantis.

One of the patterns displayed on the tree.

I can’t wait to bring Jackson back next year, and see what themed exhibit it’ll be in 2020. I can’t wait. If you visited this year, let me know your favourite artwork.


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