Ladies, that dreaded ‘S’ word…

This is a ladies post. To talk and raise awareness about the seemingly dreaded smear test. More commonly known as a cervical screening. This is such an important medical test for ladies over 25. I feel like there’s a misconception on the test. It’s not to tell people they have cervical cancer. It’s a prevention technique.

By regularly going to these appointments, when the virus is caught before it starts to attack cells on your cervix. It can be prevented. The lovely nurse I seen, said nowadays women shouldn’t be dying from this, because it’s 100% preventable.

Now if your unable to make an appointment, be persistent. My nurse accused me of putting my test off, when that’s not the case. It took me 6 months to finally get an appointment. And I was lucky to get an appointment yesterday. Due to a cancellation. If your struggling to get an appointment at your GP, then try your local community health clinic. If that’s also a dead end, just keep trying!

I feel like, another factor could be that women overthink or over worry about the test it’s self, or how they look downstairs. I can assure you the nurse and doctors doing the test, aren’t going to care. 90% of the test you actually do yourself, with guidance. Honestly you really don’t feel a lot. I felt more having a sweep done, when I was 40+ weeks pregnant with my son. So if you’ve had a sweep in pregnancy before, you shouldn’t fear the test.

I’m writing this in the hope, that it’ll help women out there, feel more confident when attending this important, life saving appointment. let’s raise the percentage from 60% to 80% of women attending their routine cervical screening.


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