Before 30 Bucket List.

I’m writing this bang on my birthday. October the 8th 2019, I am 25 years old. And as I reflect on my last 25 years, the ups and downs, etc. And realising I’m only 5 years away from 30 years old. And there birthed, was my bucket list idea.

Now I really have loads of things but the 20 things here are my main points I’d like to do before I’m 30.

  1. A trip to the cinema, by myself.
  2. Attend my first festival.
  3. Visit Chernobyl.
  4. Travel to at least 3 countries.
  5. Visit Disneyland.
  6. Learn how to swim.
  7. Attend live music event by myself.
  8. Walk more, visit more nature parks.
  9. Compete in a national pageant.
  10. Attend every theme park once.
  11. Travel alone.
  12. Travel with Jackson (my son).
  13. Take up more photography.
  14. Learn how to sew and machine sew.
  15. At least complete a tattoo sleeve.
  16. Hopefully be married, or at least engaged.
  17. Receive a promotion at work.
  18. Have my second child.
  19. Work more regularly on my blog.
  20. And hopefully have a house deposit.

I’ve made note of this list, and will keep up to date. I’ll revisit this, 8th October 2024, when I will be 30 years old. Wish me luck.


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