Jackson’s first theme park ðŸŽ¢

As it’s the summer holidays, we decided to treat Jackson to a family fun day out, with my mum (nana) in tow. With hindsight, this was definitely a much needed helping hand on a big day out. Bags packed with plenty of snacks and drinks, car loaded up with a smaller travel pushchair. Jackson walks about 90% of the time now and will only go in his pushchair, when he wants too, once he’s finally tired out. So with Thomas the tank engine teddy, in hand, we headed off to Jackson’s first theme park.

If Thomas wasn’t the give away, I don’t know what would. But we chose to go to a hidden gem, close to Bristol. Drayton Manor Park. Located in Tamworth, UK, a nearly 2 hour drive from our hometown. Our main reason was for Thomasland. Jackson seen the latest advert on tv during Paw Patrol and went crazy, as Thomas the tank engine is his second favourite show after Paw Patrol. We arrived at the park about 11:15am, not as the park opened which would of been ideal, but it wasn’t too late. Parked in section J, easy to remember, J for Jackson. Parking was £5 per car, all day. Which I feel is very reasonable. The entrance booths, weren’t too many queues, which is a good thing with an excited toddler. We paid on the day, due to impromptu choice, but it was reasonably priced. In the future we will be booking online via their site.

We checked out Thomasland first. We measured Jackson up to the height checkers, he was between 0.8m – 0.9m. There was a few rides he could go on, with parents, which he thoroughly enjoyed, once they started. He wasn’t happy with the safety seatbelts, when waiting, but sat well, when ride was on. He loved seeing James, and really wanted to get a teddy from a game stall. Which Jackson’s dad did, and won him a red James teddy. This he absolutely loves. As we left to explore the rest of the park, they had a live show on, with the fat controller, we stopped and watched, Jackson danced and clapped along.

Jackson’s First Carousel

As we walked around the park, which was huge, plenty of food places, plenty of rides and attractions, and a happy surprise for me, there’s a zoo. So we took Jackson around the zoo too. Plenty of animals, and animal houses, too. I didn’t realise there was a zoo, but it’s a happy surprise, and Jackson loved it, and learnt a new word, duck. After he walked around Thomasland and the zoo, he sat down, ate some lunch, used the changing facilities in the public toilets and then he stayed in his pushchair, as he was tired out. He went on a little walk with nana, while mummy and daddy went on a few adult rides themselves, while we was here.

We then left, and slept most of the car journey back to Bristol. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day, and will be better planned next time. Majority of the rides have a minimum height of 1.0m. So when we return and Jackson is this height, we’ll have a better jampacked day out. We’re considering coming back for Jackson’s 2nd birthday at the end of the year.

We’re excited we did this at Drayton Manor, and found this gem so close to home too. Hopefully we’ll be back plenty of times.


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