Women’s Achilles Heel

In partnership with FSJ Shoes.

Hopefully not too complicated title, I thought it was thoughtful. Personally, I’ve always thought shoes/footwear was women’s weakness. I know for one it is mine, I own way too many pairs of shoes. I have one pair of work shoes, one pair of trainers for the gym, and a pair of sandals for the sunny days.

The rest of my collection is my guilty pleasure, heels and boots. I own way too many platform boots, all of which are in black. I guess black is my happy colour.

With worldwide shipping, FSJ Shoes is the site to fulfill all your dream shoe needs. There’s just too many shoes to list, I couldn’t even pick out my favourite few. After scouring through social media, looking for shoe trends.

Summer Shoe Trends.

White shoes are a great timeless shoe trend. Especially in the summer sun. White really would compliment any outfit. A newer trend, I’ve seen is in gold shoes. Now these are a must have for night outs, dinner dates and dancefloors. This is a more opulent and extravagant option. Plenty of beautiful options on the site. I’d be broke, if I bought every pair I loved.

If by some crazy chance, you didn’t find a pair of shoes you were looking for on their well designed website. They have a section for custom shoes. This is a great feature, I’ve not seen elsewhere. For a price, follow the instructions online, submit photos, and they’ll make the shoes you request, to your size for you. Fantastic right, this plus wedding shoes, prom shoes, costume shoes… etc…

So why not visit FSJ Shoes and make them your go to site for online shoe shopping.


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