Midsommar: Film Review

Finally got to catch Midsommar in the cinema last night, after weeks of waiting. I’ve been looking forward to this, since the first trailer I saw. I try to stay away from press reviews, if I’m interested in reviewing a film, to keep an open mind when writing. But I did see a few odd posts about Midsommar in the press, all was positive. Even Jordan Peele hailed this film positively, which made me excited. Plus I enjoyed Ari Aster’s Hereditary.

From the long run time, I was anticipating it to be a complex film. A classic cult horror. I found some bits a bit stereotypical in my point of view. The film is visually spectacular and not your typical horror film. Idealistic scenery, beautiful colours, paired with striking and shocking gore images makes it a cinematic masterpiece.

Aside from the cast and crew doing an amazing job with the film. I enjoyed it for the most part. However, there was a few minor problems, I wasn’t a big fan of. I found the story quite slow, and drawn out, pretty thinly. The concept was there, but I found some parts of the story, wishing more was explained, or that more time was spent on those other aspects of the story. I thought it had a forced attempt of a slight romantic side storyline.

Overall it was a good film, I’d give it a solid 4/5 stars, Recommend at least one watch, if you are into that cult horror genre. I personally won’t be watching Midsommar again anytime soon. But I am excited for Ari Aster’s next project. Let me know what you thought!


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