Caring Fatigued Burning Out.

Just a few words I’d use to describe my work life. It’s sad to feel these things in my working life, especially when I have such an important job. I’m a Domiciliary Care Assistant or Homecare Assistant. And no, it isn’t what you think it’s like. It’s such a rewarding job, which is why it’s sad that I’m starting to feel burnt out.

It’s not just elderly, like people would assume with an aging population. I work with a variety of people, from 18 years old, to 105 years old. Male and Female with a variety of life limiting conditions; Dementia, MS, Amputated legs, Blindness, Deafness, Bed Bound… etc… So every one is different, and their level of care varies. Some people you’ll see 4 times a day, to assist with every aspect of their life. while others have 1 or 2 calls. Not everyone has the luxury off family support though.

I was talking to another service user/client the other day. And she asked me “What exactly does my job entail?” Of course she knows what I help her with, which would be classed as minimal compared to others. Needed but she’s luckily still pretty independent. My job entails everything involved within the morning, lunchtime, teatime and night time routines. Dressing, meal preparation, general household cleaning, personal care, medication handling, food shopping, daily errands… etc…

Call times vary, from 30 mins, 45 mins, an hour or an hour and a half. And with on average at least 8 service users in the morning shift, and about 6/7 service users in the evening shift. I personally do 2 double shifts and then half a day a week. so every week I work, I help on average 38 clients with their daily routine. Sometimes challenging behaviour, but many of which are grateful for my assistance, and that’s the rewarding part.

However I’m starting to feel burnt out, and really not enjoying it any more. If I could just stay home with my son, I would. I’m sure many fellow care assistants, will understand the way I feel.


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