Excitement turned to disappointment: Boho Seventy

When I got approached by Boho Seventy via Instagram direct message about being an ambassador for them, I was so excited, and happily accepted. I love the Boho style, and the dresses from their website, we’re so beautiful, and looked very flattering. I placed my order and eagerly awaited for it to be shipped.

Being a bigger clothes size since having my son, I figured it’d be best to order from their plus size section. Following from their advice, I ordered several sizes bigger then I would normally order. I ordered 3xl being just an XL. After searching through pages I found the Slinky Breggyn Delft/Wayward Rose , a beautiful floral dress, with lace detail and cut out shoulder sections.

My parcel finally arrived, on the 24th June 2019, (ordered on the 20th May 2019) which I suspected as I believed it’ll be coming from the US, as I live in the UK. Imagine my excitement when I hear my dress had finally come, and that I could start making content for this brand and my blog. I had so many plans, like family dinners, date nights, birthdays etc I could wear this dress too.

So as you can imagine my sheer disappointment, when I open my parcel and I had not received what I thought I ordered. Firstly there was no The pattern was roughly the same, floral, dark coloured, had the lace detail, the tag size was 3xl, the material was cheap, and super thin and slightly see through. It looked like it was made in a Chinese sweat shop, not the high quality products showcased on their site. The fit was okay, a bit tight across the chest and shoulders, but wearable. My main problem was that I thought I had ordered a beautiful summer dress, instead I got a cheap top. There was no way this was a dress. It was a complete joke.

So angry and disappointed I spent £40 odd pounds on this. I have sent it back, in the original packaging, in no damage what so ever, and is currently waiting for a refund to my PayPal account.

I see loads of perfect customer photos, on their social media, all for the slimmer sizes. The only thing I can think of, is they put all the effort into the smaller sizes and plus size get all the scraps and horrendous items.

I don’t recommend them. Won’t be dealing with it again. Just sharing my experience.

It’s a shame cause I love reviewing companies and testing products. I will do my research first next time.

Boho Seventy site {—-

Boho Seventy Insta {—-


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